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Too many ideas, too many projects, too many distractions!

Surprisingly my to-do list has shrunk these few weeks, but I still feel I’m being pulled in too many directions at one time. I can’t seem to do what I know needs to be done. I have things on my list that won’t go away. For example I have this upgrade I should have done to one of my sites months ago, still on my list! What’s stopping me from doing it? The fact that I know it will take me 2-3 hours to do it, and lots of trying to figure out what files need to be edited and what files are okay is the problem. It’s just a massive project that will take a lot of concentration to get it done within 2-3 hours. It’s the biggest thing to do, and the most important but yet I don’t do it.

Another thing on my list is a $500 charge on my VISA I need to dispute, but I haven’t done it yet. Time is running out and yet I haven’t called yet. I actually plan to do this the next time I pay the bill, hopefully within a couple days.

I guess I have been doing a few things. One of the items on my to-do list has been to cut back on unneeded monthly charges. I’ve so far saved: $558. That’s pretty awesome! That’s $558 I’m saving every month by canceling services I’m not using! That’s a car payment!

I’ve recently separated my to-do list by “One time projects” and “Long term projects”. I told my self to do one from each list, taking turns between and it seemed to work for the first couple of days. I haven’t done much from the long term list this week. One of my big things is to start doing more back linking. I’ve only been developing my sites recently and not any SEO, so backlinking is now a high priority for me. I tried to get a friend of mine to create backlinks for me, but that didn’t work out so well. So far the guy only created 15 links!?! I need somewhere around 150-200 links for my 80 sites. And I’m paying the guy I think it was 35 cents per link created. It’s not a hard job, just a lot of repetitiveness. Oh well…

Other then my lack of getting things done, I’ve been dong a lot of research on CPA affiliates. I’ve even found this blog run by a 14 year old where he talks about his CPA. I mean what the hell! This guy is making thousands a month easy doing CPA, and I haven’t really started to dive deep yet! I’ve been putting things in motion to start CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliation hardcore, I’m almost at that point and really want to do it! I tried clickbank as a test and I’m happy to say that it works pretty well. Without paying for traffic, or even creating any real squeeze pages, I’ve managed to generate about $150 within one week of messing about some affiliates. That’s pretty cool. That tells me that CPA works and it’s worth looking into further. I’ve been reading CPA forums at ewealth, digitalpoint, and even webmasterworld. I think I’ve learned a lot so far.

I guess the basic idea would be to first sign up as an affiliate from sites like, CJ, Click Bank, Azoogleads. Then find a product that seems to pay well and easy to promote. An easy way to promote would be to place your affiliate link of personal sites, forum signatures, articles you’ve written, etc and hang back and hope for a sale. Another way would be to create a squeeze page based on your product you’re promoting, and sending traffic to it by PPC advertising, SEO, and other internet marketing. Squeeze pages are huge money makers if you make them right. I’m new to the business and haven’t yet made squeeze pages, but I know how they work and I’m excited at the possibility. I mean I’ve been doing PPC for years now, so I know how I can get the most for my money at that point. I’ve created tons of websites on my own, and have graphics guys to help create squeeze pages; I now know how CPA works. I just have to do it! The only think holding me back is a bloody $900 balance left from a co-worker on my Google account; I’ll have to take care of that first before creating any new campaigns. My only other choice would be Yahoo overture, which is weak, compared to Google. I might just try Yahoo first, and then when things are doing well, shift to Google. That might be a better idea. If a bloody 14 year old kid can do CPA making thousands every month, I can certainly do it!

It’s on my to-do list anyways.



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