An Unorganized Mess

Have you ever had one of those days where you woke up late in the afternoon after sleeping for 12 plus hours.. it’s kind of warm inside because when you went to sleep, it was already cold so no AC was needed but when you wake up midday the sun is beating down on you?

I’m having one of those groggy days, and I’m pretty sore all over because I was working hard the day before, plus I have a headache, my contacts are irritating me more than usual and overall I feel lost wondering what to do with my life. Hehe..

irritatedIt’s one of those days where you break out the Red Bull and Vodka and watch TV trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Achy, having a headache that won’t go away, it’s hot until I discover it’s hot and turn on the AC, thunderstorms raging in the background just because and now it’s humid.. ehh!

I have a thousand things to do and I rather run away for the weekend then mess with them now.

This is the time I wish I still had my Mustang so I could tear up the highway going 100+ MPH, and just forget about everything else (probably not a good idea in this weather).

I feel unorganized really, and being unorganized really screws me up for the day.

Regardless here’s my every other day post …


Time flies I guess…

Okay, my every three day post, here you go.

Eventually I want to post everyday or at least every other day. I guess I was pretty busy the past week.

I’ll start posting more often.

Time to get organized..



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