Using Your Email List to the Fullest

The first thing you should do when working online, selling or promoting products is to start an email list. With an email list you’re able to promote your product and others over and over again, instead of just once on your website or through other mediums.

getrThink about this. Whenever a visitor finds your website, they read the information they came for and if you’re lucky they’ll click on your adsense or buy something from you. What if they don’t do either? Most people visiting your website will come and go without making you money. What you need to do is capture as many of these prospects in an auto responder such as GetResponse and promote for the long run.

The best way to capture a visitor’s email is to offer them something for free! It can be anything! But remember this, if you simply ask for visitor to signup for blog updates or news updates, you won’t have as much luck as giving something away for free.

The best things I’ve seen people give away are 7-week courses on a specific subject. At the end of that course you have built up enough trust with the prospect to promote a product you believe in. People make tons of money online doing this. An example is giving away a 7-week course on eBay suspensions. After the seven weeks are up, offer them a product that’ll make you money. This can be your own product or someone else’s.


The good thing about having an email list is whenever there is another great product related to your 7-week course or product; you can promote this and make even more money. You don’t want to promote just any old product though, if a prospect feels you’re just using them to make money online, you’ll lose their trust and they’ll filter you out.

The best thing about this is the more people you have in your email list, the more money you’ll make in the long run.

Just a quick tip on what I do to make some extra cash online.



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