What Am I Doing Wrong?

This isn’t related to eBay or PayPal, or even affiliate marketing. It’s about Poker.

gambling-addiction.jpgBefore I felt I only knew the basics of poker, yet I was making killing at it. Every time I played I tripled my starting money, thus the reason I moved here (Vegas). The moment I move here and start playing again, I can’t seem to win more then I lose. I mean most days I win but when I lose, I lose big time! What’s the deal? I can’t seem to win like I used to, and the only difference I see is before I moved here I played very frugal. I didn’t beat hard even though I had the winning hand. Now I seem to beat hard and everyone folds and I get squat!

I think I answered my own question… I need to slow play things and trap people… Arg!

I’m going to do that tomorrow and report how I do.

Wish me Luck!



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