For the lack of Blogging…

The reason why I don’t blog as much anymore is because I found that a lot of what I want to write about only helps my competition; while the common reader may find what I say interesting, they won’t take action or that they will take action and kill whatever edge I had before I decided to blog about it.

For example I wrote a guide on AutoBlogging not to long ago which is one of the methods I use to make money online. Now I didn’t think it would be a big deal to the competition because autoblogging could be used for any number of niches without effecting me. And I could make some extra money selling my guide. The bad thing is I lack the will to update the eBook to a newer version of tips and techniques I’ve learned because I feel what I edge I know could possibly die out if I give out the information. It happens a lot.

I love to help people but I’m finding it more counter productive to my online internet marketing goals then ever before. I make 5x as much with my own ventures then when I attempt to help other people. Sure another source of income is nice.. but I rather focus on my working models then teach my competition and lose what I have. I don’t want to be that person that makes money teaching other people, I want to make money doing what I preach instead.

Maybe that will explain a little on why I lack the will to blog more about what I’ve come to know.

I still want to blog, but it’s going to have to be on a different subject. 🙂

We’ll see how it goes.




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3 Comments on "For the lack of Blogging…"


I see that you are still selling the autoblogbook. Has it been updated yet?


I’d love to buy an updated version of your autoblogbook.

I was thinking about getting it… it is a year old now though. I’, guessing everything is ancient history by now. You should really update it. I would buy it 🙂


One thing that I have seemed to notice, is when people write ebooks they do it because the niche has just about dried up. Been seeing A LOT of rehashed information being sold every where these days. But your autoblogging book was great and new to a lot of people! I enjoyed it.


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