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Old 03-22-2012
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Default Help with SSN/EIN Amazon tax issue!

My AZ account was banned for a-z claims 4 yrs ago. I recently... 3 months ago opened a new account using my moms name. I have a po box as the address, forwarding number... all the needed steps....

However I'm reaching the limit for the 1099k. I see they are asking for a SSN and also an address that the IRS will recognize as connected to the SSN. However my mom has the same address that was banned as me and my former account. The only work around I can think of is obtain an EIN by having my mom file the IRS form SS4 (as a sole proprietor). On the SS$ I can use the mailing address of the PO BOX, however, the form still asks for a physical address for the business. As earlier noted, I cant use the banned address, so I am going to use a relatives address.

My CPA says he can handle all the tax aspects so my mom doesn't report the income or pay the taxes, rather I report the taxes and pay the income tax. So I'm not looking for comments on THIS aspect.

Here is what I would like your thoughts on: Do you see any problems with me using a relatives address for the physical address on the SS4 form? The relative lives about 1 mile away and he would not mind us using his address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 03-22-2012
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I'm not sure what Amazon is doing, but the IRS Matching program accepts only 4 fields of data:

1) Name (or business name)
2) TIN (meaning the 9 digit EIN, SSN or ITIN)
3) TIN Type (a numerical value indicatiing which of the 3 types (EIN, SSN or ITIN) is being submitted.
4) An optional field for the company submitting the data to include an account or file number.

The IRS Matching responses are as follows:

0 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS records.
1 = TIN was missing or TIN not 9-digit numeric .
2 = TIN entered is not currently issued.
3 = TIN and Name combination does not match IRS records.
4 = Invalid TIN Matching request (i.e., contains alphas, special characters)
5 = Duplicate TIN Matching request.
6 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS SSN records.
7 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS EIN records.
8 = TIN and Name combination matches IRS SSN and EIN records.

There is nothing I can find ANYWHERE about the IRS verifying addresses. In fact, the IRS is prohibited by law from giving out any taxpayer data. All they can do is return a match code, as above.

That is not to say that Amazon's TIN matching service provider cannot use public record databases to try to verify the addresses, but that is NOT a part of the IRS program.

If anyone has any different information, I'd really like a heads up WITH a link to the source.

The URL for the IRS publication regarding the TIN Matching program (PDF FILE) is:
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Old 03-22-2012
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Im going to comment on the part you said you didnt need any help with. You do actually. If your CPA said that its okay to file that under your mothers SSN or other TIN with her SSN attached to it then he is not well trained at all.

He would be in as much trouble as you would be in by telling you to do that and you following it. Dont do that no matter what you do. There are plenty of ways to make this correct with your info. Just read up on it here and you will be fine. I have posted this several times now.

Thats a very big charge legally and you would not want the mess of that.

Not trying to screw your plans here but that parts is 100% wrong information. I cant list the whole tax code involving that since its basically a huge thick law book. Its Jargon that they make impossible for a normal person to understand. like any other tax code details. You would think they would make it in layman terms so everyone would not screw up their taxes.

I can argue about it all day as to why you should not other than the legality of it but Ive done it so many times now so it will be in the forums somewhere.

You will more than likely get hammered from other members to about the use of her info anyway. lol

I would contact another CPA. They can make it work on paper but its not what they should ever be doing and the results of the IRS finding out would be hell on you.

(this is not professional legal or tax advice but my educated "opinion".....Okay, you got me..... The Wifes,
Old 03-22-2012
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I have read through your posts and you keep saying talk to a tax advisor. That's not the issue. If you have not gone through this process please let me know as I need to talk to somebody else. In regards to not using a relatives info. Please do some research on "Nominee Distribution 1099-misc". Notice this quote from: General Instructions for Certain Information Returns (2012)

"Nominee/middleman returns. Generally, if you receive a Form 1099 for amounts that actually belong to another person, you are considered a nominee recipient. You must file a Form 1099 with the IRS (the same type of Form 1099 you received) for each of the other owners showing the amounts allocable to each. You must also furnish a Form 1099 to each of the other owners. File the new Form 1099 with Form 1096 with the Internal Revenue Service Center for your area. On each new Form 1099, list yourself as the “payer” and the other owner as the “recipient.” On Form 1096, list yourself as the “Filer.” A husband or wife is not required to file a nominee return to show amounts owned by the other. The nominee, not the original payer, is responsible for filing the subsequent Forms 1099 to show the amount allocable to each owner."

My CPA has numerous clients who operate this way.

If there is anybody who has info on the question in the original post, your help is greatly appreciated.
Old 03-22-2012
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If you have your account as a dba in your name you can file with the IRS for an EIN number.

So when you give Amazon the EIN number it is one which the IRS will associate with your name and SSN whilst Amazon will be happy for the EIN number of your trading name to satisfy the IRS requirements. That way everything is kept simple and Amazon does not know who you are.
Old 03-22-2012
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Replies are personal opinion only.

I can assure you since the matter of taxes & 1099 started to be spoken of here, users have bee requested to seek the (correct) professional assistance for the complicated matter of family members being involved with tax affairs.

My suggestion would be a call to the IRS Help Line for their advice/opinion on address.
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