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Old 05-20-2008
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Default Cheat Sheet

Sorry if this is one of those mindless repetitive posts. But I'm new here and reading and reading and reading.

1. if you have a suspended ebay (US) acct and a closed paypal acct with:

your REAL name
an old bank acct
an old debit card

how would you sign up for a new paypal under a ⊗⊗⊗⊗ name with no limits if you cannot provide a REAL SSN for the ⊗⊗⊗⊗ name?

2. in the event you had a prior real paypal acct closed, in order to sell you must tell ebay you have a merchant acct:

a) how does ebay confirm you are the holder of a merchant acct?

b) if you must fax the info, doesn’t the merchant acct need to be in your real name and real bank info?

c) how would you confirm a real name merchant acct to ebay if you have a ⊗⊗⊗⊗ ebay name or SIMON card?

3. Several merchant cards seem to do what paypal does – hold the money to your bank acct until you type in a tracking number or the buyer says they received the product. Or, they hold money from your bank acct on bigger ticket items, or they hold money to your bank acct and only pay it on the 15th and 30th, not in 3 days.

Are they any merchant accts that do not require tracking info and deposit in 3 days?

Because: I once sold a veil that said “needs some repair” – the buyer said the item was not as described because it “wasn’t perfect” – so they put in a claim and the money was held.

I sent a refund money order to the buyer and said send the veil back whenever (even tho the buyer was wrong, it wasn’t worth the hassle) – and the buyer refused to accept the money order refund or to sign for the mailed refund!

They wanted only a paypal refund.

I told Paypal the money order was sent certified and the buyer refused it, and paypal said as long as the buyer doesn’t have the money – because they refused to accept the refund money order – paypal still considers the buyer has not been refunded!

Another buyer bought a $16 catalog. It was sent to italy They said they never received it. The post office provided a number for overseas shipping but no tracking to Italy was available. You could not enter a valid tracking number, despite the item was shipped. The buyer now had the catalog and the money, then listed the EXACT SAME CATALOG on ebay!

Are there any merchant accts that do not do hold for tracking or wait for buyer confirmation before depositing money to your acct?


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Old 05-20-2008
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wow you gotta lot of questions, the answers to them are all here but if you dont have the time to scan through the forum maybe you should try Modee's 1 on 1 tech support
Old 05-20-2008
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You have more reading to do USEBAYER. ALL your questions are answered in the forum already. Take time and find the solution. If you don't want to do that, all your questions are answered in an easy to read PDF.

eBay Stealth - Suspended eBay and Paypal Account Guide -- Just updated today by the way..
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