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eBay & Paypal Horror Stories Do you have an eBay or Paypal horror story? This is the place to tell it!

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Old 05-28-2008
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Talking My Story

My story may not be as wow as others but i thought i should share anyways. I had heard about ebay years ago at the time i was living in the Bahamas because thats where im from. Its something i always wanted to try but i couldnt because of my location and i really wouldnt make much profit from importing because of the fees. So anyways i decided to move to canada to finish my degree. Fees as an international student are really expensive. My first year fee (well 3rd since i transferred) including everything was about 25k (about 18k US back then). After that i had to drop to parttime status because i couldnt afford to pay for the fees and i was only able to work on campus 20hrs a week max (thats the restriction) so i wasnt making much money either. So a friend of mine was selling on ebay so i thought to myself you know why not try it now that i can. So i scouted the internet looking for wholesale companies in the US sold items with a dropshipper. I use to design t shirts mousepads, pens, hats any and everything. I had a steady salary coming in so good. Then my account got suspended for abusing ebay. Then my paypal account went down. After that i just didnt know what to do I didnt know much about how ebay really works other than the basics. Back to basically no money coming in and the fees on my student account were soaring because i really didnt want to drop out of school so i kept adding coursing hoping something would eventually break through. I had about 14,000 balance on my account before summer of last year and i had to cut it down by half to enroll in this year which did with a few hit and misses on ebay.

I still couldnt seem to figure out how to consistently stay on ebay so i googled "ebay suspension". This forum came up. I signed up and i never posted because there was so much info i just used as a resource. Every other day i would come back and search for whatever and readposts, almost like studying it. At first it was still a bit hard starting up again because i would have an account for a couple months and then its suspended and then I have to start all over. But i learnt to have backups building feedback at the same time so if something happens i can just move on without have to wait. I had cut my tuition balance down to $8000 and I got a notice day that if i didnt pay that off i would be deenrolled from all courses although i had already finished the ones in the fall. I was so worried because i was planning on graduating this year. I told them i can give them a postdated cheque knowing that i may not have the money but i just needed to buy more time. The day came and the cheque bounced because i didnt have enough funds. I had barely no time left they gave me a week to pay 50% again. My previous account had gotten suspended because i wanted to build feedback quickly and to list more of my expensive items faster thinking it would be more effective but i didnt know ebay was cracking down on that again. That was last back up account and i know i dont have good luck with new accounts. So i was screwed and was a week away from being kicked out of school just 3 months shy of graduation an entire year of course work wasted. Then i found an old ebay account pre nov. because paypal at the time was the problem for me. So i was able to list items without accepting paypal and that saved me! Since the account was grandfathered i was also able to list more items than usual and the day before the deadline i was able to send a money order to my university. Since them my accounts have been doing great and I have been slowly paying down on my balance and i have an outstanding balance of $2000 which i will pay off next week since im graduating June 18th!. I got a job offer and my work permit already and moving into my new apartment on Sunday...and i have money in bank . The resources and information i gained through this forum basically gave me life again. So thank you!
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Old 06-04-2008
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Wow Div!

Sorry to hear all the trouble eBay has given you, I am glad you found that old pre 11/07 account, yay!

And CONTRATULATIONS on your graduating, this story does have a good ending
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Old 07-14-2008
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Big ups, congrats
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