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eBay & Paypal Horror Stories Do you have an eBay or Paypal horror story? This is the place to tell it!

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Old 07-20-2008
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Default Does ebay notice

Everyday sellers are leaving eBay. High fees, poor performance, the culture
of cyber bullying, confusing and conflicting policies, unfair feedback policy.; shill bidding and poor customer service is hitting hard.

Despite eBay been a massive corporate giant with reported massive earnings,
which have been in decline , and at times threatening to freefall, eBay can not
deliver a quality service. Computers and computer networks have improved,
but eBay has not.

Sellers don't like the new feedback system and buyers don't like all the
"cloak and dagger" attitude of eBay

eBay's business model is flawed from the start. The new economy is far from
reality. eBay was more popular when it was building on its own merits,
sellers helped each other, now forums are full of "eBay cyber bullies"
making all sorts of remarks and engaging people in personal attacks. Seems
forum queens rule eBay with the ability to anonymously and constantly come
back. These ZERO posters seem to belong to forums, claiming to keep eBay
scam free. So far French courts have found that eBay is far from clean. Have
to wonder if the Zero posters who flaunt eBay policy on personal attacks are
shareholders the zeal they defend eBay's flaws.

eBay fails time and time again to protect shareholders, as the company is
constantly exposed to lawsuits, with more to come.

eBay is dictating to sellers what they can and can't do. People in eastern
Europe sending cheques to America, claiming no delivery and getting cash
payments from eBay. Americans sending personal cheques to Australia,
claiming no delivery, cancelling cheques and seller can't act. eBay claims to
be a venue. Claims you can trust them. But eBay can't be trusted.

Insiders will neither confirm nor deny a shake-up is on the cards as eBay
struggles to find new revenue, new investors and new sellers to pay the
triple dose of fees.

eBay is the principle of corporate greed, corporate excess and unethical
business practices.

.This is starting to show after years of aggressive takeovers, with so many
secret deals now showing how aggressive and ruthless eBay has been in take
Customer support is lacking and with all the staff cutbacks, eBay is
struggling to keep up with demand.

When eBay was cheap, thousands of listings. But the forum queens
(shareholders) would harass people as "junk sellers'. The cyber bullies
would bid, not pay and just register anew with eBay never linking ⊗⊗⊗⊗ bids
back to these forum queens. Who would make sure the recent negatives were
blamed on the seller, not some "non paying bidder". eBay's response? Stop
sellers from posting negative feedback. To instantly ban sellers at whim.
Some sellers were banned after account high jacked. When eBay took a year to
resolve issues, all the forum queens did was point out the seller was a

eBay is listening and responded by going after the corporate dollar. Clearly
their inability to run internet auctions has lead them to find a new identity
by becoming an online shopping host, promoting it vigorously, while trampling
on the rights and freedoms of choice. In short flagrantly abusing human rights and seller confidence.
Can an eBay seller choose payment method? ; Sure Paypal or else. !! With eBay .No end to eBay's greed?

But what of forcing paypal? eBay is no longer the venue, but a financial
agent acting for both buyer and seller. Falsely proclaiming buyer
protection. But a seller has to try sell lowest price, while eBay is taking
fees at each step of transaction for seller. Buyers whinging rising postage

eBay has failed to listen. Hiding bidders, making buyers compete blindly,
sellers bullying each other in forums, trying to impress buyers with all
sorts of claims of been "sole agent", "authorised seller". But many of
eBay's biggest sellers are gone.

eBay is well aware of the flaws and loopholes. Scammers don't come to
forums. Scammers flood eBay. Often collecting thousands, each time buyers
are "fleeced" the legitimate sellers lose sales and find less people each
month looking at their listings.

eBay has spin doctored, just like Enron all this. Trust and Safety. Yet law
suits are pilling higher than the Eiffel tower. With no end in sight.

Chinese can flood eBay globally with cheap goods, cheap postage and ship
products at whim while "local" sellers are stuck in red tape, high domestic
postage costs. While the big end of eBay gets massive discounts from


eBay wants you to "put things in perspective" claiming millions of
transactions. But if these millions of transactions are so safe, why are
there fewer sellers making less money? While eBay profits.

The latest is doubts from within eBay management over the ethics and
legality of forcing paypal as sole in some cases and in some the primary
means of payment.
It is Enron all over again. eBay collects fee after fee, gives lowest
performance on network, minimal Is eBay on verge of collapse given large numbers of lawsuits.
eBay refuses to act. Instead pushes on with constant changes that only cause
troubles for small sellers.

The reason? Turn over. eBay was founded and funded by "core community" of
the original website. These 100+ insiders want eBay to profit for them.
eBay statistics are hard to find, but latest estimate put out of millions of
sellers, only 0.6 percent make what can be called a living. Most of these
are in countries where eBay fees are the lowest and that is India and China

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Old 07-20-2008
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I agree, Well written. I like to add that ebay has already found ways to generate revenue.
They have a lot company sponsors that ebay promote their websites for who ever willing to pay. Just do any search on ebay and scroll down towards the bottom and you will see links to Company Sponsors. The companies range from small websites to Large Distributors. The large distributors make the most out of it because sellers on ebay buy from them to resell for a profit and when ebay promote the distributors link then it cuts out the sellers profit because buyers is willing to click on the distributors link and go off ebay's site and buy directly from the distributors website. You guys ever think about that. That is what I noticed. Ebay promotes other company sponsored links more than sellers with Ebay Stores. It's becoming more of a Web Search Engine like yahoo and less of a "Auction"

Last edited by BooMer; 07-20-2008 at 08:26 AM.
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Old 07-20-2008
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Thats true boomer. they are using third parties and bypassing the sellers. that shows you the real intent of ebay policy. greed
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Old 02-20-2009
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offcourse they are greedy.
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