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Mr. AG 09-18-2007 07:37 AM

Ok! Entropay. Need help.
i am in your team now. My story short: East europe, no PayPal as payment option (only for me paying), PowaSeller, FB190, quite expensive items. 99.8% rating.
One day by mistake send 2 boxes to different adresses, well, mistake while sticking adresses on wrong boxes. 1 week after 2 negatives on items in total of 700EUR. No problem, started solving out problems... as both boxes were in Germany, i just phoned DHL and ordered to get both boxes and deliver to right adresses, paid from my country. Another week, ebay account restriction for ... 30days to solve the problem... 10 days after problems solved, both buyers happy, both negatives feedbacks removed only one ooold negative remaining for item of 15EURs (buyer from Italy didnt read the item description).
Account standing good 99.8% still bout 15days of restriction left, i was SURE ebay will review it and lift the restriction.
DIDNT happen! SUSPENSION! Later i figured out, that maybe those stars were involved, as my postage had only 3.9 and others 4.7 and 4.8.
OK, i went on holidays now came back .. need to get back on eBay, learned my mistakes that eBay DOES not forgive, fresh and new start needed.

I registered it with my GF card, i have brand new pc now and new IP email as well all new photos now working on descriptions. I have that entropay account now and still dont get it how it works.
I need eBay as seller after a while and PayPal just for paying for the first items i buy before starting selling.
But entropay virtual card has no name or whatsoever.
I just try to imagine, when i enter virtual cardss made up name and adress to eBay and paypal, they automaticaly run AVS (adress verification something) and what they get from it?!? My GF real adress?!?

I just need a reloadable card (virtual) to register to eBay (and pay fees) and paypal (only for transfering funds not receiving as paypal doesnt support receiving in my country).
First i though that entropay will give you the option to create brand new virtual card with any name and adress for it, but it seems it doesnt...

Seems to be simple as i dont need paypal for receiving payments only for paying, but i am still confused with that entropay...

Mr. AG 09-18-2007 09:07 PM

anyone?! anything?!

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