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shafiq 06-03-2020 01:20 PM

ebay account MC011, and drop shipping policy
Hi all,

we had a very successful business one bay turning 1000's every year. but in last 3 months ebay restricted our account 3 times with MC011 and all 3 times we appealed and got successful reinstatement.

the only problem is all 3 times they reduced our selling limits, from 240M in GBP to only 15K.

when called the UK team had no clue as to why but bit of emailing around and keep calling i got an answer is due to ebay has proof that we are drop shipper, and only sourcing stock after we make a sale.

we sent appeal but it was rejected and in return received this email.

"Thank you for reaching out in regards to the drop shipping appeal.

We've reviewed the information provided along with the details on the account and found that the account is still in violation of the policy. As such the appeal is denied.

When looking at your account, it appears items were sold which were later sourced from an external retailer to be shipped directly to your buyer. This indicates to us that you did not have the inventory on hand at the time of the sale.

Purchasing items from a 3rd party retailer after the sale is made on your eBay account creates bad buying experiences and is a business model which is against eBay policy. Items need to be in your possession at the time you list them or you must have a pre-existing agreement with a 3rd party supplier to provide fulfillment.
For more information on this and related policies, please go to:

Selling practices policy:

Drop shipping:

Seller levels and performance standards:


from above i can guess they are asking for a suppliers agreement? so we have a space allocated to us and there is a contract that supplier will allocate a number or % of stock to us.

any idea what it is? what they want? how to get this solved? and if you have suppliers contract and can sell it to me just PM me please.

any guide or advise if more then welcome.

Thank you.

shafiq 06-03-2020 04:53 PM

Re: ebay account MC011, and drop shipping policy

Originally Posted by agent006140 (Post 1097639)
are you saying you are doing GBP 1 millions worth of sales a year and Ebay said you are dropshipping?
Dropshipping with a contract with supplier is fine,what Ebay does not like is retail arbitrage,in the email you get from Ebay,they said they found out you go to another retailer to make purchase and have them ship for you after customer place order with you .
This is retail arbitrage not dropshipping .

That is the thing, i am not doing drop shipping from any ****ing retailer, but they are still saying there are sign on our account. I asked which sign and they refused to tell.
I am only dropping from suppliers, No retailers at all.
They only thing they asked for is pre existing contract from suppliers to show that we have a contract with them. And thats where we are fulfilling our orders.
I think they are saying this based on our tracking uploaded in orders. As it shows ship from different locations/city then our own address

Do you have suppliers contract you can provide.
I have lots of suppliers but no fulfilment contract.

Any one?

shafiq 06-03-2020 04:54 PM

Re: ebay account MC011, and drop shipping policy

Originally Posted by agent006140 (Post 1097640)
how much is 240M in GBP?

240 million pounds, in money
Around 400million dollars

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