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eBay Suspensions General issues related to eBay Suspensions. Mostly geared towards

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Old 04-15-2007
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Default another eBay Suspensions Guide

# To check your IP address go to: \"WHAT IS MY IP ADDRESS\" You would be better off using a different dial up connection then the one used to suspend your account (I DO NOT THINK DIAL UP IS THE BEST OPTION SINCE A LOT OF THEIR IP's HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM EBAY)
# you CAN'T use ANY of the same info from a suspended account. I suggest you get a P.O box or use a friends address. Address is only important to the credit card info. (I AGREE WITH THIS POINT)
# Email address, bank info {can be ⊗⊗⊗⊗d, I do not think ebay verifies the bank account} in the same manner as paypal by sending small deposits. Use a different dial up connection when registering or go to the library to use thir computer. You can get a netzero, juno dial up account free for 30 days 10 hours per month. Just try a differnt ip when registering. JUST TRIED WHAT ON MY SUGGESTION STEP AND IT WILL DO IT. For shipping/check out info you can put anything even a po box. Just do not disclose your real name anywhere on that site to where they can link you. Put like a business name without the company or inc symbol for shipping/check out. If you get a visa checkcard you can be anyone although Ebay has been known to shut down accounts of people it can't verify via credit card. (AS I SAID EARLIER YOU CAN USE MASTERCARD GIFTCARD OR VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD)
# Register as a buyer first!!!!!!! You can\'t leave any feedback for 5 days, although others can leave feedback on you. Buy cheap 25 cent & 50 cent Gmail Invites & Ebooks, have your feedback hidden \"private\" for the first week. (BUYING CHEAP STUFF WILL GIVE WARNING TO EBAY... I THINK YOU NEED TO AVOID THIS .. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET EBAY TO BE SUSPECIOUS ABOUT YOUR ACCOUNT - REMEMBER NOW THEY ARE USING POINT TO GET PEOPLE SUSPENDED)
# Make sure to register for a different paypal account. NEVER NEVER link your paypal acount to your ebay account! Once either account goes down there goes the other! I would recommend not making your paypal account verified, as this will make it harder for Paypal to link the accounts. (IN FACT YOU CAN GET YOUR ACCOUNT VERIFIED EASILY) Paypal will link the accounts via the bank account info. Do not even register the same credirt card. Use a Visa check gift card to pay via auctions via Paypal or transfer money from another account. Register for a foriegn Paypal english speaking account to make it harder to track.
# Once back on ebay thru registrting different info build your feedback up with the ebooks/gmail invites. Almost 75% of the auctions are feedback trading wink wink! They will explain this when they say at bottom of the auction, give me positive I shall give you positive. Once feedback reaches 10 you can list one day auctions. Whatever you do do not list big expensive or alot items after joining after feedback reaches 10. (TRUE, YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT.. START SLOW JUST LIKE YOU ARE NEW TO EBAY)
# The easiet way to get suspended from ebay is by stealth buyers whom email a complaint to ebay concerning not receiving items. Ebay or the buyer never informs you of this until your account is suspended and you receive all these complaints listed for the first time. This is another reason why you never link your paypal account to ebay.
# Only accept Money orders & cashier\'s checks, no Bidpay or credit cards. I know this may suck, but if a buyer files a complaint they must prove they sent payment. If a buyer can\'t verify payment was sent, ebay MUST REMOVE THE STRIKE on your account. Also, Ebay tracks complaints via negative feedback, that is why you should always use \'Mutual feedback withdrawl\' only after you and the buyer agreed upon this. If this happens or the buyer leaves a followup positive comment in Feedback, the strike is removed! (THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO BECAUSE MOST OF EBAY BUYER ONLY USE PAYPAL FOR THEIR PAYMENT OPTION - JUST OFFER PAYPAL BUT YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE STEP ON HOW TO CREATE NEW VERIFIED PAYPAL ACCOUNT)
# Remember, buyers can file a complaint in the dispute console where the seller can see it or in email. If they file a complaint in email, you will not see it until the negative feedbacks build up & your are suspended. Keep a record of all your transactions including shipping of items with tracking of signature confirmation. I know this sucks, but this will prove the buyer received it. (YES ALWAYS PROVIDE EBAY AND PAYPAL WITH TRACKING NUMBER ONCE ITEM IS SHIPPED) Only ship to the address in the buyer\'s ebay profile, no ands, if or buts, only exception is if it is in the same zipcode. If the buyer insists on a different address, send it restricted delivery, buyer must provide id and sign for the item. This will protect you from complaints. (ALWAYS SHIP TO CONFIRM ADDRESS ON PAYPAL.. NOT EBAY SINCE EBAY ADDRESS SOMETIME IS NOT CORRECT)
# Lastly, go to {free voicemail 30 days} or {free voicemail 7 days} use them as the numbers in your ebay profile. All ebay needs is an answering machine, you can also record a voice, but never never put the same info as a suspened aco****.
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Old 04-15-2007
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Some good information here, it's not as good as my guide though.

Just kidding, it's good to have difference in opinions, and a community to help figure out what's fact. Another good find leonid5000. You get a gold star. Lol

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Old 07-27-2009
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Is this the latest?
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Old 07-27-2009
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That thread is from 2007. The forum itself has recent info.

eta: Much in the first post is no longer accurate.
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