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NewGhosT 03-17-2012 08:31 PM

PayPal Limitation. Then eBay suspension. They removed suspension but canīt sell
Hi friends!

Iīm new here. I hope to stay here for much time...

I have an eBay account (PayPal account linked to this too), both Spanish accounts. They were suspended and limited respectively. I'd like to read opinions about the possibility of recovering my accounts.

There goes the history of suspension:

1ST I send money to another PayPal account (Asian) with limitations. They did not told it me at that time :( This Asian PayPal account is NOT mine and itīs permantly limited.

2ND I receive email of PayPal limitation 7 days later. I thought the problem was sending money to that account in Asia.

They ask me for invoices of items sold in the last 3 weeks (on eBay.com, not eBay.es) and some tracking info of that selled items. Items have been relatively expensive, from $ 70 to $ 200. I could sell enough without limitations. My eBay account was an old account with a flawless profile, 99% possitive feedback, 4.8 on average in DSR rating, but 2 buyers opened a case on eBay, but I did fullīrefund to them inmediately, 2 cases were closed. Finally I was able to negociate with buyers and they went happily.
Although there may be another problem here: there are clear indications of serious policy violations in 2 closed cases (on registry).

PayPal hold the funds of the transaction involving sending money to Asia.

My Asian partner tells me that funds have been frozen, and PayPal expects action from him. My partner makes a full-refund to my PayPal account, "canceling" the transaction, but strangely I do not get the money, that money spends much time in "PayPal LIMBO". It's funny...

3RD I send to PayPal invoices of sold items on eBay. Throught FAX to a number in Spain, but I think this FAX is forwarded to another Europe location. They remove the limitation.

4RD So I decide to pay the invoice from eBay with recently released PayPal funds. The funds of Asian money are still hold (about USD 500).
Interestingly, after leaving eBay debit balance to zero, the next night, aproximately at 3:00 AM, an automatic email from eBay telling me "I'm suspended, it is necessary a verification". They waited to suspend me until I paid...hehehehe...

They removed all my eBay items (those sold, and it is no longer possible to find them on eBay).

EBay ask me for proof of identity, proof of residence and the same invoices I sent to PayPal.

5TH I send all documents throught email and receive an email from eBay congratulating me because my account on eBay is restored. Although I was asked to send these documents to MADRID FAX No., this fax never worked, so after several email contacts, eBay tells me to send them via email.

So things are now:

- According to PayPal, no problem.

- According to eBay, I have unresolved issues with PayPal, since at login! On eBay, I get the same screen as I was seeing when I was still suspended, it said that my sales have been limited (really they donīt let me sell anything).

That is, after receiving the email indicating the suspension remove, I can see all the items I sold, I can see everything in my sales manager, but I am not allowed to sell. I'm waiting for about 3 weeks ago for a eBay contact, they told me that they have delegated the problem to the correspondin deparment, but I truly believe that they will not do anything.

Rare, suspension removed but cant sell. What do you thing about?

Thanks for your opinions.

Best regards from Spain.

NewGhosT 04-02-2012 04:48 PM

Hi again,

They let me sell now. I already do not get the message at eBay login.

The funny part is that they not have sent any email to notify me...

Thanks in anyway.

Best regards.

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