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welltotheman 06-21-2013 04:23 PM

So heres my situation...
So heres my situation though,
I began selling instagram likes and followers on ebay a few weeks ago because i broke my shoulder and am out a job. Note: i was doing it on my 100% accurate and verified paypal with 2 real bank cards i have, and 1 3-4 year old ebay account (the other was just created a few months ago)
At first i did not know this was not allowed because users sell tons it on ebay along with all other social media boosting stuff. But come to find out i get flagged, but... i chose to continue and a bout a week later my account becomes indefinitely restricted. Soooo, I'm done :p and i accept that i can no longer sell on ebay and I'm fine with that.

note: i have 100% feedback and a rating of 55 and 23.


for some reason a buyer that was communicating with me day by day decided to open paypal disputes saying "unauthorized claim". i immediately contacted the buyer asking why that was opened and they responded with a story of "we purchased one product but then our account was compromised for 4 more purchases"... i responded by saying that "i don't understand because all the orders were applied to the same username as the first?" i then gave the username (it was their sons) and they said it was not a real username..,.(so i knew he changed it) .... none the less i pulled up the screen capture i had of his old profile then found his new username and took ca[tures. i then forwarded them SHOWING PROOF that it was not compromised bt they're son buying...then they did not reply for 2 days.... so i sucked it up and refunded them 80$.
another buyer buys a cheap product demanding a more expensive product and i say no and he threatens to call ebay, even thug i already delivered his purchased order and was going to give him everything he wanted with his money back to shut him up. and i did, then he opens a dispute.... i suck it up and refund his money :(

so, after all these paypal transactions are closed the why is the funds availability date still not available? my pay pal is not restricted or limited.
does my ebay seller restriction affect these pending payments? its about 1,000$.

I'm really confused.

rsot 06-27-2013 01:32 PM

PP has a lot of transactions show up as "Funds availability date not available" - have to wait it out and see.

Hope your account stays without problems in the meantime.

All the best

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