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eBay Tracking General discussions on eBay tracking, account linking, IP address, user accounts and more.

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Old 04-18-2008
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Default Tracked down like a dog due to common email domain address -- Ebay got me

I used up 2 days and 4 user id's but I finally figured out how sneaky ebay is on email address domain tracking. I had created 10 accounts all using an email addy with a domain that I had created and was using just for ebay accounts. It was soooooo easy with email forwarding using a catchall, I could create email addresses on the fly.

Yesterday I converted one of the user id's to a seller account and listed 5 auctions as a test, I usually run several hundred auctions at a time. Within 20 minutes, the auctions were canceled and the account was NARU. I scratched my head thinking I must have messed up on deleting cooki9es or changing IP address so I carefully did that work and converted another account to a seller account. I then listed 5 more auctions and was again busted .. within 20 minutes auctions canceled and I was NARU. I really scratched my head, cussed out ebay and thought now is the time to dump eBay Blackthorne that I had been using for years without a problem. This afternoon I set up an account at inkFrog - eBay auction management and image hosting I created 5 auctions using inkFrog - eBay auction management and image hosting carefully cleared my cookies and changed IP. The auctions were canceled after 23 minutes and the account was NARU.

After crying for an hour, I decided it must be the email addresses I was using. I went to one of my accounts and did a change of email address. I never received the email change verification from ebay. I tried again, and they again didn't send the verification email. I tried to change emails on a different account and again never received the verification email to change it. It's like I was stuck with that email address on the accounts that I created using that domain name. Ebay wont let you change an email address if the domain is on their list then they bust you for listing using an email from a blacklisted domain. I created a brand new account using a comcast email address, made it a seller account and started the same 5 auctions using inkFrog - eBay auction management and image hosting , they have been running for 2 hours and 14 minutes now. tomorrow I will test Blackthorne again.

Has anyone else noticed that for the last 1-2 weeks ebay is soooo fast at busting you, usually within 20-30 minutes. They must have people assigned to terminals with these updated tracking tools they seem to have implemented.

The bottom line, use caution with domain names in your email addresses.
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Old 04-18-2008
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That's on the aspkin main guides. I found out from personal experience also don't use a largely unknown free mail system, even if it is really good as ebay won't know it's a public one.
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Old 04-18-2008
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zymo, I thought that ebay is sneaky enough to trap you if you use one domain name &
several email addresses. What I mean is the bots 'see' the domain & the different names
but that raises flags. I thought that the recommendation to operate successfully is to use
completely seperate IPs. In other words be different IDs and have different emails.
Does this make sense to you? Sorry about ur hard work though.
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