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eBay Tracking General discussions on eBay tracking, account linking, IP address, user accounts and more.

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Old 02-17-2013
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Default can i get linked through my auctiva account

hi everybody
ive just created my first stealth account because i got a indefinate listing restriction and i want to start selling again.
so here is my problem
my old ebay account was blocked and i was using auctiva with it with the same name as my ebay account..
my auctiva account has over 2000 listings and images on it so i dont realy want to make another auctiva account up.

so now i have a new eBay Stealth account do i need to change the username on my old auctiva account before i generate a new token.
do i need too change my email address on my old auctiva account or does it change itself when i generate the token.
and finally
even though people are saying auctiva doesnt share cookies or ip address etc
surely it must show the log in and the name of the account holder details.
ive read the book and as far as i can see ive done it all correct i just dont want to be linked through auctiva as this is the only thing thats been still shared with my old blocked ebay account.
please somebody help who knows for certain so i can list my first item again.
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Old 02-20-2013
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Default Update yes ebay can link your account through auctiva

hi everyone
ive just got this message of auctiva customer support

i asked if i was to create a new account on ebay can my old auctiva account be linked back too my old ebay account when i generate a new token.
answer is as follows
Unfortunately, I am unable to say what information may be available to eBay via the token, so regardless of the information you may (or may not) wish to change - it may be possible for eBay to tell that the account was originally associated with another account because of the previously existing token. There is some background data for accounts that never changes. I cannot offer you any more specific advice on this - if you wish to change your username I can do that for you. If you wish to start another account instead, you can.

Please keep in mind that neither data nor images can be transferred between Auctiva accounts.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or encounter any further difficulty.

Auctiva Support

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Old 02-21-2013
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Good update - sad to hear you got linked but you live and learn duly noted
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Old 02-25-2013
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But if you are using a different user account, different IPs etc there is almost no way of linking.

No one should use the tokens unless you are completely using stealth methods because you will have to go to ebay from auctiva which will link you of course.

This is nothing new, it is not auctiva that caused this. You must have linked another accounts IP, cookies or something to get this done.

I use auctiva on multiple accounts and always double check my IP etc before I use the token. Never an issue.
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Old 02-26-2013
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Default reply to sandy

hi sandy
i think there has been a bit of confusion somehere lol
i was never saying id been linked already.
i was after advice so i didnt get linked.
i was using auctiva with my old ebay account and i had made up aprox 1000 listings with images etc.
i didnt want to go through the time consuming process of re creating them all again so i told the auctiva reps the truth.
that i had been kicked off ebay and that i was going to create a new ebay account up.
so if i was too create a new ebay account up could i still use my old auctiva account listings or would ebay know that i was using my old auctiva with my new account when i create a new token.
and they told me yes because the token belongs to ebay and they dont know what information is shared or kept by ebay when the tokens are created.
so rather than be unsure ive created a new auctiva account and im having to do all the listings and images again.
however this morning i phoned ebay up too ask for my listings limit to be lifted and as soon as i put the phone down i got a message asking to prvide evidence of my id,address and invoices etc so now im back to square one as i dont know what to do.
i was only back on for 4 days and only sold 4 items worth a tenner and i cant send in the docs as they dont exist.
so if anybody knows what i need to do then pm me.
i hope im wrong but at the moment i assume that now i have too go and open a new bank account up again or is there another quicker way to get back on.
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Old 03-13-2013
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well i passed the limitation nd i also got my limits increased too 1oo a month.
still not sure if i can use my old auctiva account with my new ebay account though
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Old 11-11-2013
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Default Re: can i get linked through my auctiva account

This thread is a little old but I thought I would pass on a neat little trick for auctiva.

First create a new auctiva account for your new ebay account.

Next log into your old auctiva account with the saved listings. Open the saved listing you want to work with.

Then open a duplicate tab if if you use chrome. If not open a new tab and navigate to auctiva in it. You should be logged in in this tab just like the other.

Now log out and log into your new account in that same tab.

Go back to your original tab with your saved listing and save it again. Now it should be saved to your new account.

Wash rinse repeat and you should be able to transfer all your saved listings to your new auctiva account that can be used with your new stealth account without passing on any information that can be linked.
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