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Old 06-26-2012
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Default Venezuela and whats going on

I was born in venezuela , and lived there for 22 years . I love that country.

in venezuela people make say minimum wage 800 bucs a month . and every quincena , 15 days they get there 400 , invite everyone they know to the beach and spend nearly all that money . they got 50 left.

The Ranchos you see in pictures , the shantys or whatever its called look like **** from the outside , but you go inside . Marble floors , big screen tv's , computers , internet . and a Direct TV satellite hanging from the roof.

Venezuelan people like to show what they have .

Venezuela is currupt as hell . You can drink and drive with ease. traffic tickets dont exist . Paying for parking on the street never.

In Venezuela you cant buy american dollars from a bank unless you go on vacation and they give you a certain amount , say 1500

so their is a black market dollar which is double the value of the bank dollar value.

lets put the bolivar at .. 4 bolivares = 1 dollar from the bank . 8 bolivares = 1 dollar black market.

What people do is they go on a trip to a different country . Pay the 1500 dollars with 6000 bolivares fuerte. then have that money to spend in the u.s or wherever they go .

a lot of people buy **** to take back and sell. but you can also get those 1500 , take it back to venezuela and sell it on the black market for double . at 8bf.

If you have 2 shirts , put them next to each other . they are both exactly the same. but 1 has a quiksilver logo and the other one doesnt . you will sell the quiksilver one for a lot more .

their are so many ways to make money over there .

One time it was impossible to find milk at the store , their wasn't milk. a big shortage.

my buddys uncle brought in a container full of powdered milk . and made a **** load of money.

If your venezuelan and come to miami and study at a university , u can pay the university with CADIVI which is a system that trys to make the currency exchange legit . So you pay say 10000 one year . so you cadivi it up . find someone to change 5,000 in cash in venezuela ( at 8bf the dollar ) . pay the university through cadivi , and you payed half of the 10,000.

When you want to send something , a box or something to venezuela you go to fedex and they will say 600 bucs. but you go to a puerta a puerta business and pay a fraction of that cost .

I once had 30 purses and 40 tee shirts i payed maybe 600 in total . I boxed it up . went to fedex . they told me 890 .

I talk with my uncle and he tells me to this warehouse here in miami. they weigh it and charged me 150 . Like that business their is 1000 more .

When it got to venezuela to my ex girlfriends house , she told me mike theirs 27 purses and 30 t shirts . but like this puerta a puerta has curruption on all parts . the national guard get payed to let it pass . and take something for themselves out of whatever comes in.

each purse sold for 40 dollars . i payed 10 for each i think . name brand purses in venezuela will be way to expensive . but these purses were eye catchy what the people over there love . the shirts i think sold for maybe 20 .

i saw atleast 5-6x earnings . the only thing was it took a long ass time to sell.

because my ex's mom would sell them to friends and family and the people would pay in 3 payments . so like they were of confidence with the family they would say , " ah no ill pay you in 2 weeks " .

A year ago it was illigal to send motorcycles to venezuela . But the people got crafty . and found a way to go within the loop holes . They started sending the motorcyles to venezuela , but they would disarm them . and send them by pieces.

Their is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much potential to make money over there.
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Old 06-26-2012
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this one dude i know , bought 1000's of used computers in the u.s . sometimes the companies even payed him to take them . computers from 2001 . this was in 2011 . He had a friend that works with the guy that is running for president . Against chavez. So he got a contract from a Muncipal or however you call it to give those computers to the Schools , Businesses **** like that . The computers werent good at all . but these public schools that dont have much money were getting them for free , and in the long run it helps out the kids. just that 1 contract he made a killing off of it . and Capriles ( the guy running against chavez) was Loved because of what he gave back to the community.
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Old 06-26-2012
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Awesome story - I like these shady stories - it is crappy what corruption does...makes a huge gap between wealthy and poor but...yeah profit to be made.
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