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aaabbbccc 08-31-2014 03:47 PM

Account Suspended: Prevent Further Collection Action
Hi there,

I made the poor choice of allowing my younger sibling to use my ebay account 3 years ago. He sold some sort of samsung smart tablet thing...I don't know what it was it was so long ago, but I digress. He sold the item to China, didn't get tracking and the person claims they did not receive it although we did send it and for 3 years I have been getting constant threats of action from Ebay. I don't have $300 to pay it and neither does my younger brother. And even if I did, we no longer have the item so we're out the item and now they want the money? My question is, has ebay been hitting my credit this entire time? I haven't been paying close attention to my credit score since due to a number of tragic events, my other sibling ending up in a coma after a car accident for 2 months I urgently left school and lost my insurance for 3 months, upon which time, with our bad luck, I ended up in anaphylactic shock and acquired $15k in health fees I could not pay about 8 years ago, but now that my credit is getting back on track I don't know if ebay is hurting me consistently due to the Samsung smart tablet thing. Isn't this illegal somehow to keep hitting your credit for 3 years because I have been getting emails in my junk email for that long. Or is it just an idle threat that they have been using for 3 years?

rsot 08-31-2014 05:44 PM

Re: Account Suspended: Prevent Further Collection Action
Welcome to the forums.

For credit opinion, you should seek professional financial advice.

All the best with stealth learning

jeffweico 08-31-2014 05:46 PM

Re: Account Suspended: Prevent Further Collection Action
Adverse (that means "bad") information will stay on your credit report for up to 7 years. Some things, like bankruptcies, stay for 10 years.

You allowed a family member to use your account. They sold an item, the buyer claims it was never received. You must not have had tracking information, because eBay sided with the buyer. They refunded the buyer and they want their money back.

And you feel this is unfair? Your first mistake was to let someone use your account. When you did that, you became responsible for anything they did on that account. The buyer could have been a scammer, or the package could have been lost in the mail, but the bottom line is, you owe the money.

Is that illegal? No. I'm sure you feel it is unfair, but it really is not. If you allow someone to drive your car and there is an accident, then you are financially responsible for the accident (most people take care of this through insurance). When you hand your credit card to your girlfriend and she buys stuff, YOU are still responsible for the bill, even if she cheats on you or breaks up with you. When you let someone use your eBay account and the deal goes south, guess who is responsible for it? That's right - YOU ARE!!!

The bottom line here is, pay eBay what you owe and be careful of loaning any accounts you may own (eBay or elsewhere) to another person. Never let another person sign up for something using your name. Never co-sign for anyone unless you want to pay for their purchase if they do not.

If you want to see what is on your credit reports (at the three bureaus) then go to https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action to see your credit reports for free. There are no fees and nothing to sign up for. This is the website that will allow you to see each one of your credit reports free, once each year.

makavi94 09-01-2014 11:03 AM

Re: Account Suspended: Prevent Further Collection Action
Welcome to the forum.good luck

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