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fu22y 01-02-2009 07:49 PM

Morning Everyone, Hopefully you can help!
I've just been banned from Ebay, and I'm feeling aggrieved! I have always thought "It will never happen to me", but yesterday it did.

I previously had two small 7 day and 30 day suspensions, for but was told by my Ebay account manager that I could use another Ebay Id , which in the short term was fine as you are allowed to trade under another Ebay account, while you are suspended...as long as the original account you were suspended by wasn't permanent. Unfortunately I received a MC194 SNPC NOTICE: eBay Registration Suspension for Seller Non-Performance so both accounts were removed.

I'm not being kicked off by VERO or sell counterfeit goods, I have been selling on Ebay for the last 4 years, with 5000+ 100% feedback until they changed the feedback rules and it dropped to 99.1%...but everything is pretty legit.

I have a few issues though that I don't seem to be able to resolve in the forums. Ebay provides 30% of my revenue and turns over 25,000 per month so I don't really want a short term solution that lasts for a couple of months, I'm looking for something long term so want to use as much real information as possible.

The questions I have are;

1. I'm registered for VAT and a Limited company, I entered my VAT number with both of my old accounts but used my personal name; can I setup an Ebay account under the company name and a new company Bank account or do I have to register as an individual? Will I also be able to do this for Paypal?

2. Gmail is meant to be the best email provider due to the watermarks Ebay puts on their images in emails, but I would prefer to use my company email as its more professional.
a. I can change this to one which has not been used/registered before e.g Ebay at mycompanydotcom would they pick up on the mycompanydotcom bit as I previously used info at mycompanydotcom?
b. If I disable picture downloads from Ebay and Paypal on MS Outlook 2007 will this do the same thing?

3.If I used my fathers information for everything apart from the Bank accounts (where I would use my own new one at my own address, although different to the original one) would this work or do the bank account have to be at his address for Verification further down the line?

zzzzzzzzz.......asleep yet. Dont worry only 2 more questions!

4. How do I pay my Ebay fees,they are normally charged Direct to my credit card, I don't want to use the Entropay card as its 4.95%, I have an unregistered card which I could use (which I could make primary once past the checks) ,but its at my address would this work?

5. I can use Firefox on all of my desktop PC's but use my Iphone occasionally to check emails and listings while I'm out, will they have logged its IP address? Should I also change my phone? The iphone downloads messages straight away via the exchange server so would the images still be watermarked and the IP Logged?

I've purchased Ebay stealth , and read from the beginning to the end which answered most of my questions but if anyone has had experience or knows a solution to some of my problems (i didnt want to put them all her in my first post!) It woudl be REALLY appreciated!

Ta for Now!

aspkin 01-03-2009 04:13 PM

1) It doesn't really matter. You do need a new bank account though.

2) And yes, as you mentioned in A, eBay will link accounts if you are using your own domain name. Use Gmail please, it's proven to be the best.

3) This should be fine.

4) http://www.aspkin.com/forums/ebay-di...do-safely.html

5) It's probably a bad idea if you're selling on multiple accounts. Be sure to clear your cookies and not to use wifi unless you changed your IP Address. It's still iffy though and easy to link multiple accounts.

oompaloompa 01-04-2009 11:39 AM

hi, you might find specific answers on the UK forum, if you have the patience of a saint to wait for them!

To quickly cover your points, ok your account manager gave you some poor advice, you would get linked during your ban, normally.

Seller non performance, elaborate..., in your case? Was that too many negs? In your situation it would be prudent to try and resolve the issues and get your accounts back. Give it about 3 weeks, get in touch with them personally.

If this fails, and this is the hard bit you need to accept that you cannot put all your eggs in one basket, It would be a good idea to set up one or more new companies, and possibly a couple of personal accounts too, you do not want to be left in the position, you have been this time.

regarding the company email ,If its an email address that hasnt been used before you should be ok, but tbh its better not to use names linked with prev acc.

bank accounts arent used for address verification, use new bank accounts for new ebay/pp accounts, use address not linked to old account for everything, it wont affect your current account being accepted, they verify that is yours using penny deposits.

you can check listings on iphone as long as you dont log in, answering emails is ok as long as its directly to customers email not via ebay reply button. I dont think ebay can register the ip of someone they are sending a message TO, but it can get it from your replies back, so gmail is recommended.

you can pay your fees using automated billing on paypal, just set up link on ebay.

Follow the stealth method , so clean IP etc
company vat number for old account could link you, possibly, so do a couple of personal ebay/pp accounts in slightly different name and address details, or get a po box address and a couple of new business accounts in new business details.

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