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Old 05-25-2008
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Default This EBay live help is a joke, they blocked my 2nd account

i logged in with my 2nd account to ask how to activate the 1st again.

listen to this he sent me this link

Suspended Account

so i clicked contact us :

i needed to log in, quess what, 2nd account suspended.

this is the chatconversation:

Initial Question/Comment: Password/Sign-In
21:15:18 SystemSystem
Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
21:15:18 SystemSystem
You are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent.
21:15:24 SystemSystem
Changes to the Feedback system will continue until June 6th. Recent changes to your Feedback percentage and score are due to these changes and we ask for patience while the system is updated.
21:15:29 SystemSystem
You may view the original annoucement about the Feedback changes here: Feedback Changes Going Into Effect Today
21:15:34 SystemSystem
As a reminder, the changes will include: Neutrals will be calculated in the overall Feedback percentage, weekly repeat Feedback, and Feedback percentages based on the past 12 months of activity.
21:15:34 SystemSystem
If after June 6th, you still have questions about your Feedback rating, please contact us at that time.
21:16:14 SystemSystem
We appreciate your patience. You’ll be able to type in your question as soon as you are connected with a Live Help Agent. Please continue to hold for the next available representative.
21:17:14 SystemSystem
We apologize for the wait and thank you for your continued patience. Please continue to hold to keep your place in line. You should be connected to the next available agent shortly.
21:17:29 SystemSystem
Marco L. has joined this session!
21:17:29 SystemSystem
Connected with Marco L.
21:17:34 AgentMarco L.
Hello, thanks for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Help! My name is Marco. How may I help you?
21:17:46 Customertonystark2008
hi i have a question
21:18:04 AgentMarco L.
Hello there.
21:18:34 Customertonystark2008
a friend of mine his account is suspended, now he needs to fax a copy of his ID and a copy of his creditcard bill, he lives in the netherlands, so to which faxnumber does he have to sent it
21:19:05 AgentMarco L.
Okay, may I ask if your fired is there?
21:19:51 Customertonystark2008
yes he is , i had to sign in with my account or else he could ask the live support
21:20:25 AgentMarco L.
May I speak with him?
21:20:31 Customertonystark2008
yeah sure
21:20:52 Customertonystark2008
hi i had an account on ebay, time ago but want to reactivate it
21:21:00 Customertonystark2008
my name was mrdurdentyler
21:21:30 AgentMarco L.
Thanks. May I please also ask for your full address, phone number and registered email address?
21:22:27 Customertonystark2008
sure, S))))) IJmuiden, Netherlands +316))),
21:23:35 AgentMarco L.
Thanks. May I also have your birthday?
21:23:55 Customertonystark2008
21:24:30 AgentMarco L.
21:27:21 AgentMarco L.
To get the correct fax number you can report this issue to Our Trust and Safety department. If you want I'd be glad to give you a direct link so that you can send them an email.
21:27:38 Customertonystark2008
yes please
21:27:51 Customertonystark2008
can i also email the documents ?
21:28:37 AgentMarco L.
Yes, you can also email the documents. You may use this link: Suspended Account
21:28:57 AgentMarco L.
After you have opened the link click on any "Contact us" link which is located at the bottom part of the page.
21:30:10 AgentMarco L.
Just a friendly reminder please save this link before you leave this chat session.
21:30:12 Customertonystark2008
uhm sorry i clicked on contact us, and now i got blocked
21:30:28 Customertonystark2008
how come?
21:30:52 AgentMarco L.
It's okay. You may try this link: eBay Help : Contact Us
21:31:02 AgentMarco L.
In this link you can just click on "email us".
21:31:15 Customertonystark2008
no friend listen, i asked for someone else his account now mine is blocked
21:31:42 Customertonystark2008
i clicked on email us, and now it says tonystark2008 account is now blocked
21:32:13 AgentMarco L.
I'm sorry to hear that. May I ask what error message did you receive?
21:32:45 Customertonystark2008
i got linked to a suspended user, you probably did right
21:33:05 Customertonystark2008
this person lives with me
21:33:44 AgentMarco L.
Okay, I understand. In this event you can also send an email using the first link that I have given you.
21:33:54 AgentMarco L.
You may also send an email.
21:34:15 Customertonystark2008
how are you going to reactivate this account if i might ask? i only asked about something
21:34:34 Customertonystark2008
this is crazy
21:34:58 AgentMarco L.
Okay, Our Trust and Safety department has a standard process on this.
21:35:13 Customertonystark2008
can you please activate my roommate his account, or else i have a big problem
21:35:28 AgentMarco L.
I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way. What I assure you is that after we have read an email from you, we will send you a reply.
21:35:44 Customertonystark2008
you know how long that takes!!!!
21:36:01 Customertonystark2008
i asked info not to block someones account
21:36:14 AgentMarco L.
I apologize but I cannot reactivate any account. However, to address this issue, you can just send an email.
21:36:35 Customertonystark2008
yes you can, you can block so you can also activate
21:36:56 AgentMarco L.
As an eBay member myself I can understand how you feel. In this event you truly need to send an email.
21:36:58 Customertonystark2008
this person had auctions running
21:37:14 AgentMarco L.
I apologize but here at live help we cannot block or reinstate any account.
21:37:35 Customertonystark2008
21:38:15 Customertonystark2008
listen i live with family in this flat, mine account was blocked, he logged in to ask for me how to fax my documents
21:38:20 Customertonystark2008
not to block his account
21:38:31 AgentMarco L.
What I meant was to address the status of the suspension of an account, the owner of the account must send an email.
21:38:37 Customertonystark2008
21:38:45 Customertonystark2008
you are going to help me
21:39:03 Customertonystark2008
so activate the account
21:39:09 Customertonystark2008
21:39:09 AgentMarco L.
This is the help I can give you. I have limitations on this matter.
21:39:23 AgentMarco L.
By sending an email a proper procedure can be done.
21:39:31 AgentMarco L.
I can wait for you while you complete an email.
21:39:44 Customertonystark2008
will you receive it immediatly/?
21:40:14 AgentMarco L.
Yes, we can receive it immediately. However, there may be a delay before I can check if we were able to receive it.
21:40:38 Customertonystark2008
to which email?
21:41:05 AgentMarco L.
You can use the link I have given you earlier. If you want I can send it again to you.
21:42:21 Customertonystark2008
i sent to ebay customer support.
21:42:42 AgentMarco L.
That's good.
21:42:46 Customertonystark2008
i wait for you to reply
21:43:45 AgentMarco L.
I apologize but as this is a matter that Our Trust and Safety specialize I do not have enough information to review this matter for you.
21:43:59 Customertonystark2008
you block me for no reason
21:44:20 AgentMarco L.
I did not clock you. I do not have the tools to block accounts.
21:44:33 Customertonystark2008
you gave me a wrong link
21:44:47 Customertonystark2008
i clicked contact us, and then blocked
21:44:59 AgentMarco L.
I gave you two link that you can use.
21:45:04 Customertonystark2008
haha this is a joke
21:45:34 Customertonystark2008
me and my flatmate want to sell something on ebay, and we have 2 blocked accounts now haha
21:45:37 Customertonystark2008
my god
21:45:45 AgentMarco L.
I'm sorry if this is inconvenient for you. If you want I can also help you write a suggestion to eBay.
21:45:58 Customertonystark2008
ok tell me
21:46:56 AgentMarco L.
For your convenience I can just give you a link that can easily help you write a suggestion to eBay.
21:47:04 Customertonystark2008
21:47:31 AgentMarco L.
You can use this: Sending Suggestions to eBay
21:48:06 AgentMarco L.
You can also save this link so that you can write suggestions in the future.
21:48:19 Customertonystark2008
hey marco, thanks for sending me a wrong link by the way
21:48:31 Customertonystark2008
thats nice
21:48:49 Customertonystark2008
i will copy this conversation for the ebay forum
21:49:06 AgentMarco L.
I have sent you links to the proper department.
21:49:51 AgentMarco L.
Yes, you may do that. It is your right to post this chat session if you want to.
21:49:52 Customertonystark2008
so now we can find out how we can reactivate 2 account
21:49:53 Customertonystark2008
21:51:11 AgentMarco L.
After our Trust and Safety department has received your email, they would be able to send you an email with more information on this matter.
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Old 05-25-2008
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Yeah, eBay chat won't help you with stuff like this. They might be able to give you hints on why your account was suspended, but they won't ever lift an account. It's the reason this forum was born.
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Old 05-25-2008
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haha so i have 2 blocked accounts now, i dont think i can register ever again?

they know my phonenumber and creditcards, and the normal mail doesnt work
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Old 05-25-2008
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Keep reading the forum, where there is a will there is a way.
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Old 05-25-2008
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lmao send a suggestion to ebay, yeah right asif that read that, if they did ebay wouldnt be what it is today.

As for getting back on eBay, aspkin is 100% right, there are a number of ways to get back on and stay on, keep reading the forum and you will soon understand.
The Australian eBay Alternative:
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Old 07-01-2008
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Any body check into the live help linking your computer to the account? I'm no computer expert by any means but don't you have to download some file for the live chat to work? If so and you've used the same computer for a suspended account there linked now, right?
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Old 07-01-2008
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you don't download anything it is a pop up box using java i think. anyways, you can be on the same computer as a suspended user and they will not know the difference.
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Old 07-02-2008
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HI: sounds like a set up-- If it were me--I wouldnt have divulged that 2nd acct info--
You should have told him--no, he's in school--or all i need is the fax number--
>> MAYBE; "I need th fax to fax in docs my ps acct mgr told me to..but I cant reach her now"..
Always.. Be the BEST you can Be, at Whatever you do! Be Part of the Solution, rather than Part of the Problem.
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