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Paypal Limited PayPal Limited Account – A general forum on PayPal limitations and how to either lift them or create new accounts.

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Old 12-05-2011
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Default Any sucess stories?

... so i've read a few pages of this forum. It's also 7am here
and I haven't gotten any sleep. The more I read the more discouraged
I get.

Was kinda hoping this forum would be a bit more uplifting

Anyway, I have a limited account - aint no coming back for it. Tried
to open a new one (before reading this forum) and everything was fine
for a couple months, then that one was limited.

My question...

Has / is anyone successfully running a new account after a limitation?
My only problem seems to be the SSN thing. Can't find a find a way
to ⊗⊗⊗⊗ that.

Oh, another question...

Will a TAX ID # suffice? I'm thinking of registering a business name, hoping
this will get me around that problem.

Success, anyone?
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Old 12-05-2011
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Welcome to the forum

We all got discouraged.

Then we got even and beat paypal.

What will get you around the problem is changing your mind set.
Read even more and see that the answers are there.

Success is not handed on a plate. It's hard work. But it's very doable
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Pringles (12-06-2011)
Old 12-05-2011
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the first time is the worst time, after that it's just fine)
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Callidus (12-06-2011), Pringles (12-06-2011)
Old 12-05-2011
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I have successfully been able to un limit myself.

As for ur SSN, why are they asking u it? If it's to confirm location, u can just use a vcc.
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Old 12-05-2011
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SSN problem - only a US problem (and some other countries like India).
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Old 12-05-2011
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Originally Posted by PPNuked View Post
... so i've read a few pages of this forum. The more I read the more discouraged I get.
Seems like you have already set yourself up to be discouraged.

The forum has 1000's of pages of information. As a regular member, I suspect your questions to be answered as well.

Good Luck
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Old 12-07-2011
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I guess I'm a success story,

I had an account go down with 270+ feedback with 99.6% positive, was sitting on $10k+ worth of inventory with no way to move it.
Then I found this forum, was very "oh my gosh I'm not sure I can pull this off" but the more I learned, the simpler it seemed.
Now I consider myself someone who knows the game quite well, but there are always new things to learn.

When a second account (first stealth) went down after about 11 months of use (100% positive, lol eBay) I took that as eBay and Paypal saying "Come at me bro", and so I did. Made and verified 6 accounts and slowly started using them, each of these accounts now have 100% positive feedback with about 50-100 feedback on each (not much, but spread out that's pretty good) and I have another 8+ accounts just waiting and aging.
*eBay is a part time thing for me, but I don't think I would have much trouble going full time with it.

Now if one or even two accounts go down, no big deal. I've got plenty more!

And I can say I'm also making more than I was before. It is a bit of a hassle to keep switching between accounts but it is well worth it and I regret nothing. The information I have gained is nearly priceless in my opinion.

Good luck, don't get discouraged. You will find a way to make it work.
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17anton17 (08-25-2012), gdnimrod (12-16-2011)
Old 12-08-2011
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I've been on PayPal for over 15 years. My first sale was when I was 12, probably about 6 months after eBay came out. I sold a some comic-cards to a man in Turkey who wrote me a hand-written letter of thanks saying how pristine, perfect, and great the cards I sent him were. I made double what I spent on them. His handwriting was loopy, written in the most beautiful script I'd ever seen. Then, because I was 12... I did some dumb stuff, bid on some things i could never afford, and got my account banned.

The letter stayed framed on my wall for the next 5 years until I went to college.

In college I needed extra money so I went on the internet, downloaded a bunch of porn, burned it to a DVD and sold it for a starting bid of 99 cents. It sold for $15. I sold about 20 copies a day for 3 weeks before I got banned.

Then I started using my video-game addiction to my advantage and started selling virtual items for online video games. eBay didn't like that too much, and I made a bit of money... but still got my account banned.

Then I sold books for a while. But eventually I did some dumb stuff and got my account banned.

There was a point in my life that I could barely afford to feed myself and I sold ⊗⊗⊗⊗ autographs. That didn't last long.... and I got my account banned.

Then I started a legitimate business and started selling computer parts. I had 1,800 feedback, 100% positive, with my highest sales month on record being in the mid-5-figures. That was 2 years ago.

A year ago I did some dumb stuff, didn't know about linking at all, and got my account banned.

Then I stated an LLC to sell the leftover stock I had from my business, and hopefully start up again. It cost me about $8k to set-up (the city/state I live in is expensive). I got a tax-ID, set up a business account, yadda yadda yadda.... sold at 10 items/month for 3 months and called eB@y on the 90th day the account was active to "Request higher selling limits" like they told me to. The representative laughed at me on the phone and said that he was banning my account.

Then I found these forums. I spent 2 weeks reading 16 hours a day. I've had massive amounts of experience with PP, eB, and the whole process and I'd had questions along the way that were all answered.

I now do 4x the business I ever did before, spread out over 40+ accounts, many of which have more than 400 or 500 feedback.

I'm a pretty solid success story.
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Old 12-08-2011
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How can you possibly have this many bank accounts open ? 20 bank accounts if your running 2 accounts onto 1 PP but what? I couldnt even find 5 or 6 banks that accept deposits in other names in the UK lol
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