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xsellerx 02-23-2017 12:54 PM

Forming a US LLC for a new PayPal
Hello guys,
I do dropshipping from China, for a long time, using PayPal and 2checkout. 4 months ago PayPal surprised me with an email stating that they will hold 34K as minimum reserve and 20% of each transaction for 45 days, duo to high level of transactions. I tried to contact them but with no result. I got mad, I left that PayPal account and decided that I will never use them again.

After 2 months I received an email from PayPal stating that the account is limited and my funds will be available after 180 days (duo to too many disputes). I was already abandoning the account, and I was trying to survive using 2checkout only, but it was impossible ( 2checkout was taking 25% of each transaction for 90 days, from the beginning, which was ok for me, cause I had PayPal to pay for ads and suppliers).

Now I decided to start fresh but with better tools, Stripe/Shopify payments and PayPal again (Yes I know PayPal may decide to limit my new account in the future, but I will be prepared. if they will take minimum reserve and a percentage of the transactions for 45 days, I will have money for backup, not like the last time).

I found that the best solution for me, is to form an LLC in US. I found too many registered agents who are able to form the LLC for me remotely, but all of them say that it's not possible to open a bank account without coming in person. For me to get a US visa, it may take 2 to 3 months (If i'm able to get it). So it's a very long shot, which I can't take.

Now I have two options and I need your opinions:

Option 1: is to have Payoneer as the LLC bank account. It will work well with Stripe/shopify payments but with PayPal I don't know if they will accept it or no (Payoneer staff told me that if I call PayPal by the phone they may link the account).

Option 2: Hire someone in US ONLY to open the bank account for me. Which is not a great option, may result to some kind of fraud or scam.


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