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Default Hello, paypal banned me. This isn't your typical...

Sorry so long. I will include screenshots.

Some years back I joined here but didn't stay long. Bought the ebook which is surely outdated. I am a top rated seller with an EBAY Store & 96.6% FB

Sell around 2-3k a month, consistently. I also have a part time job for our benefits so cannot really grow it much further.

Anyhow to simplify this is what happened

1. As a BUYER, I bought an item.
2. Paid yet something odd showed up on the screen but had already hit submit.
3. Thought I read ECHECK so got nervous. This happened once before, the month before, for no reason and oddly, on the SAME ITEM yet different Seller so I canceled. I've bought 4-5 things for the same or higher value with no issues since. Paypal worked fine.

It is a breathing device, something very needed for my husbands CPAP Machine. Anyhow...I found that odd to choose that item to trigger a life saving device. And a bit cruel. I even showed the Seller how i was able to buy from others, could he call EBAY and ask why Paypal wasn't offered on his listing?
No apparently not, he didnt want to. Oh well.

4. I Never provided my SS number to Paypal yet knew I was approaching 19k so it would be required soon. Constantly getting a paypal bell notification to do it but never did,wanting to wait to see if it was worth it (to risk ID theft) with Paypal being such a dirty Company and all. I've gotten upset with them before.

5. Paypal, despite having over $400 in my account, with a $100 owed to EBAY, used an ECHECK. I've blocked them from my checking acct many months ago b/c of their stealing (another issue so let's forget that one). Thus always kept plenty of funds to cover EBAY fees and a refund though my products are not something people return. I sell vitamins

6. Called Paypal, lots of run around with various reps, this and that. Cash account they cannot set up for some reason. Want more ID, even telling me after 20+ yrs they don't know me. Yeah right. You've called our business # back, the one I've had for about 25 yrs. Don't know me?

7. Asked for a Supervisor to fix the issue. I need the item, husband has issues breathing and we need it now. Of course, somehow, my $420 paypal balance cannot be used. No more going to the top to manually pay a Seller in Paypal. Eventually I got so frustrated I told them to close my Paypal Acct and send me a check. They kept saying I need to add a new bank card, I kept saying I do not. The one I have there is up to date just fine. Of course no mention from either side they sneakily tried to breach our agreement taking funds out of my account they failed at. They wouldn't admit that.

8. I was left hanging for 1 hr. Then notifications popped up, see below.

9. Morons even dated one of my checks incorrectly saying I requested it in 1969. Somehow it has bounced back due to an address error (no address errors here, we've had the same PO box for 15 yrs).

10. Paypal lied to my Seller saying the payment failed. It did not. Informed the Seller that those exact folks saying this aka paypal, are deliberately blocking the transaction from occurring. There is no avenue to pay him as the message requests me to pay, yet when I do, I get the error message. This will cost him fees, 3%+.30cents. So Paypal is also breaching their agreement with him

Paypal offered the ambiguous message stating it's against their rules to withdraw your bank card...which I didn't do & and I cannot use the same bank card on two ebay accts since I only have ONE ebay acct.

Contacted Ebay asking about managed payments but have not heard back. I am very familiar with Paypals antics, this constant need for more ID and am impatient usually getting a bit upset with the REP to some degree. Beings they have so much ID already of mine. Everything I believe except my SS number and now they want a brand new bank account attached so they can steal. NO use my paypal like we've been doing for decades. I only owe $92 EBAY fees and they refuse to pay EBAY too.

Anyhow thanks for reading this very long note. managed payments takes over all EBAY sellers in 2021. Ebay has not extended me the courtesy yet to join....yet have forced other Sellers out of paypal and into managed payments already. Trial runs I suppose. I've been with ebay, at least 50% of the time since they were taking checks in the mail. Almost since it's inception.

Thanks again everyone. Happy friday night I'll go now and try to contribute some knowledge to the forum, where I can.


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Default Re: Hello, paypal banned me. This isn't your typical...

long thread,rather confusing !
To spend your Paypal fund,you need to open a Paypal cash account,to open a Paypal cash account,you need to give them your SSN,this rule has been in place for months.
Without SSN,you cannot use your Paypal fund to buy or send $$ to other Paypal accounts,all you can do is to transfer it to your bank account.
All Ebay sellers have to accept Paypal or MP,so nothing your seller can do for you,the problem is on your end,you have to resolve it with Paypal.
If it is urgent,why not buy it outside Ebay,I am sure there are websites or brick and mortar stores which sell same device.
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Default Re: Hello, paypal banned me. This isn't your typical...

This is not unusual. It is how paypal works now. No other option.

I am going to say that you being obnoxious and rude was your downfall.

If I was paypal, I would have banned you as well. You did not comply, you seem avoidant, for some reason you dont want the money withdraw from your checking account although it is the only possible option without giving them the information required.

It really comes down to You did not play by paypals rules and you became a liability. It is the expected outcome.
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Default Re: Hello, paypal banned me. This isn't your typical...

joining MP would not help her as a buyer,if she chooses Paypal as payment method,without SSN,it would still take the fund out of her checking account or cc /debit card?
As a seller,MP will be sending her sales proceeds to her bank account on a regular basis.
I know some Ebay sellers are upset by such,as they dont want that $$ show up in their bank account,they prefer to keep it in their Paypal account or move to a Paypal debit card linked to their Paypal account.

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