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Old 02-18-2020
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Default Advice for an account

So... hello everyone, i'm actually new to the forum, was mostly a lurker but decided to create an account as i feel it would be useful in posting here rather than lurk permanently.

My question at hand is, I have two paypal accounts, that i would not consider steallh by any means, they are both accounts that i possessed for years (around 2015-2016) before paypal introduced the oh wonderful claim in now button where it asks to give your ssn, provide photo identification to be able to utilize said funds to shop / purchase online. this occurred on my main account which i have yet to provide them with said information as i did not have the information provided for personal life reasons, but have been in the process of obtaining, which hopefully my main and personal account with my real information i can access without issue.

My main issue is, i also have a second account that was hit with the same issue, they received the claim it now button, and lost the ability to withhold a balance to use online, and the two options were to transfer to a bank or debit card, which i did not have. granted these are not limited accounts at all, i just couldn't use them without transferring without providing an SSN. My main issue and mistake i made was the attempt, and the name i used for the second account.

I used a ⊗⊗⊗⊗ name for the second account, it was more or less a throwaway account in the sense it would be a fail safe in the event my main was told ii needed to provide documents and my SSN had i received funds past 600 usd in a calendar year. but honestly i did not take it seriously as my amounts were rather small and over time. I'm not really a seller but i have followed the guides provided here and have a stealth account (which sadly was permanently limited and is on hold for funds to be released in 180 days)

My question and advice is.. what should i do at this point, the second account used had a ⊗⊗⊗⊗ name, which is fine, as i could have used and attempted to link a bank / debit card to withdraw with a mismatched name, the problem was, and i suspect it was more than my IP address causing the issue. I used 4g mobile data of my service provider to sign in after a year or so of dormancy, everything went smoothly linking the bank and card graciously provided a family member to help me retrieve funds. However i could not actually withdraw, it told me you cannot proceed with this action at the time, to attempt later. I took the advice two wait two days and i received the same error. I would have thought my 4g connection was causing the issue, i made the mistake to spam the button to keep attempting, and changing the address i had of my home address tomatch the address from another state where my family member stayed. i was logged off soon afterwards and found a problem where i logged in i needed to provide proof of identity as a securty check, which i cannot.

the name is unusual, it's not even made up with generic john doe names, i had chosen the name of a character from a television series, because as i said, wasn't smart and simply chose a name that crossed my mind. now it asks me to upload an identity i can't provide, and even if said identification was provided, because the name is not common in the slightest and a google search would only provide the name of said character in question, and would lead to a quick limitation ofmy account with the potential chance to risk my main account as i had changed the information prior to this.

My question is, should i just call paypal at this point and confess i had two accounts? i'm not able to log on in any other matter and i'm about certain throwing any image in the upload file will go under review and won't immediately become unlocked, and more than likely perma banned. I want to call them as tell them that i indeed have two accounts with the explanation and history as to why i had them, why i can't upload identity and if my funds in any way can be transferred to my legitimate account or sent by check. the person in name doesn't exist and was only meant to be a back up despite knowing two accounts are not allowed unless it was a business account.

I don't want to consider my losses and have my funds gone, i can recover it with time, but 900 dollars build isn't anything to sneeze at, likewise, despite aware many members here have lost more than this amount. I'd like to think there is a chance to obtain them if i call and am truthful of the situation.

Thank you in advance
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Old 02-19-2020
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Default Re: Advice for an account

this is a bump post, but no one knows what to do here? should i simply call paypal and tell them i have two accounts but wish to keep my main but have my other closed down and have the money sent to my main? i don't want my real account with my real information limited because i had two accounts, but i don't want to lose the funds i had on my second and never being able to access them as i can't provide an identity, worst case scenario.
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Old 02-19-2020
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Default Re: Advice for an account

You could have said everything in three short paragraphs - that may have gotten you a response sooner.
But I'll try to summerise how I understand it:

You have three accounts.
Account 1 is in your name, and you've been asked to provide documents / SSN. Ans= Provide these when you obtain them, or you might be permanently limited.

Account 2 Is in a stealth name. Ans = provide made up docs and hope for the best, but this account is as good as dead, in my opinion. Based on the state of the account, you triggered a security check by adding a bank account. Had you left it after that to sit for a week or two then draw $20 or less, there would have been a small chance that the PayPal bot that flagged you would have let things lie. You doomed the account when you changed the address.

If account 1 and 2 are linked, (whether you acknowledge it or not) account 1 might be doomed as well as a consequence of your effort to salvage account 2.

Account 3 is a limited stealth account counting down 180 days.

If I were in your shoes, I'd provide everything required of me for account 1, let account 2 rot into oblivion. Then keep counting down days for account 3.

Good luck and I hope you get through this.
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