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JoshA 03-23-2011 02:42 PM

Help with SNAD Claim through Paypal please
First of all thank you all for this great forum. I try to add my experiences on here too, but now I need your help with something.

I few days ago a buyer contact me to sell him an item I was offering on Ebay for a buy-it-now-price. I agreed and we made it 350 which was a good and fair price.

After they have received their item they almost immediately told me they didn't believe my item was authentic. Now before all the shouting begins, I have purchased this item with my girlfriend in a boutique and I have the receipts and everything for it, which I thank God did not send along with the item.

Now I offered the buyer if they were not pleased with it to return the item to us and I would refund him after inspection.

I received an email back saying they'd only return the item AFTER I refunded them, which I obviously didn't agree to.

Today they filed a dispute with Paypal. I logged in, entered my part of the story and escalated this to a claim, having attached original receipt and proof of delivery to the claim.

What are my chances of being favoured now?

rsot 03-23-2011 03:04 PM

They will likely state the same thing - Return for refund. Hope it works out for you - that non-authentic plea is being used too much and Pa yp al still sides on the careful aspect.

JoshA 03-23-2011 03:55 PM

That's actually what I'm thinking. I'm hoping for the "least bad option" that they force them to send back their product (hopefully not a signed-for empty box.) and than they'll receive the refund.

The thing is, the transaction was done in Paypal and there is no 'item description' just the name of the product and that it is authentic guaranteed. So there's no Ebay description or anything attached to this.

Now I believed this wouldn't be a problem, untill I figured that late last year they also started refunding money outside of Ebay, for all kinds of bullcrap reasons, but I've already learnt my lesson again.

Hope it works out and I'll let everyone know the outcome when time is there. Please in the meantime if you have a similar experience please post what happened and especially how it ended for you.

Kind regards

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