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KeithL07 08-06-2007 06:39 PM

Setting up a new paypal account question?
Ok, I currently have 1 paypal premier account with over 600 feedback (or whatever their feedback is). I have become overly paranoid bc of all the shady stuff surrounding ebay and paypal suspended accounts, so I would like to create 1 or 2 backup paypal accounts as well. Paypal states that you can have 1 premier account and 1 business account. Since I dont have a business account, can I setup a business account using a seperate one of my bank accounts? Would this be recommended or not? The address on the new paypal business account would be my same address but have an added # to the building #, such as #A because there is a legitimate #A apartment located at the same address that I use. For a 3rd account, can the name, address be different but also use a bank account of mine or must all of the info match 1 person? Im a little confused as to what is involved in setting up additional paypal accounts. The 3rd account needs to only be a premier account that accepts average amout of payments, it does not need to be a business account. Can you setup a premier account with say my dads personal info but use my bank account? I do not remember EVER giving paypal my ss# for my premier account, only gave them my checking account info for deposits....

Whats another cheap checkout system people can use online? I havnt looked into a merchant account yet either, what is involved with starting a merchant account and is there any good ones you guys use that you could recommend that are cheap to use?

KeithL07 08-06-2007 06:55 PM

I had someone just recommend me to use Google Checkout. You even apparently get all your transactions for free until 2008 plus if you use adwords (or whatever it is where you pay per click) they then give you $10 in free transactions for every $1 you pay in customer clicks. This sounds like paypal is going to go under if enough people hear about Google checkout and its legitimate.

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