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Old 09-14-2009
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Arrow Listings removed 2 weeks - 1 month well after they've ended -> Sept 09

Title says it all, this month my accounts have been suffering a slow wave of competitor attacks, and my listings are removed 2 weeks - 1 month after they've ended. Now this is all fine by me, as my buyers usually pay within 3 days, so by 2 weeks they've already received the item. Also my niche (well kinda, but competitors are sneaking in) attracts low feedback buyers, or really casual buyers.

The only real problem I have is the fact that listings that already have ended are being removed, this means that takedowns in my situation will be more unpredictable? That is, I usually list the more risky items one at a time, however over a period of a month at least 2-3 listings of the same item have been made, so it is possible for a sudden small burst or cluster of takedowns to occur?

This is just happening on the eBay Australia site, my listings on other regions are unaffected. So this seems to be either eBay T&S is getting piles of work and responding to takedowns/competitor reports in short bursts, or they're just slow?

And by the way these takedowns are obviously from competition, mostly trademark violations (non-vero member kind - more due to repeated competitior reports).

So in my situation now, I have a few select accounts sitting in the 30-day seller restriction land, so I'm afraid that if they take anymore 'ended listing takedown' hits, they might fall into suspension?

This situation is a first for me in all the years I've been on eBay. I would usually take takedowns lightly and just let the borderline accounts sit, but this situation changes things by reducing my control over giving eBay the opportunity to takedown listings, as in the past I assumed from experience takedowns occurred on active listings, or at the most 1-2 days after they've ended. I've considered closing the borderline accounts, but I would like to keep them alive and kicking, if not the for personal details, and stealth account maintenance effort, then just because I can't be bothered to set them up again.

Thnx guys in advance for your help, much appreciated!

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Old 09-14-2009
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presuming the accounts arent linked, each account must get 2 takedowns normally and third is a suspension, never let it get to that stage, rest it if you get one takedown for 90 days
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Old 09-14-2009
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In general, 3 non-vero takedowns (especially on ended items) won't cause suspension if you are not a brand new user. 3 true vero takedowns in a short time most likely would cause suspension and it also depends how soon they occurs and what products you are selling. Removing ended listings by non-vero reports does happen across the board from sometime ago.

Do not always stuck in one way of thinking or selling, step back a little bit to get more space. I would suggest a few things to you:

1. Do not always list items cheaper than all other sellers. List same price as the current lowest or plus 1 or a few cents up. Don't make yourself too exposed.
2. Offer some little bonus things or limited time special offers inside the item description to attract more potential buyers.
3. Get more stealth accounts. Use them in rotation. Based on the non-vero report frequency, sell on 1st ID for 2~4 weeks then switch to the next ID, and go on.
4. Communicate with other sellers nicely. Find a way to settle down something ex: price range, how to share the current market, exchange selling experience... would also benefit both in a longer run.

Think carefully and make you own plan based on your current situation.
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Old 09-14-2009
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Good advice. I actually got some material I can personally apply to my technique from what you posted.

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Old 09-14-2009
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ebay is dynamic never static. What was happening last month is not happening this month. Always be prepared to amend your techniques.

As for closing borderline accounts, never consider that. Let them 'rest'. Let them wait for another time. Think of it this way, if you close them, that info including bank accounts needs to be replaced.

Running accounts with one item is rather risky: have some variety as bluemoon suggested. Obviously you play ebay well so have some fun as well
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