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Old 12-27-2011
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Default UK means to an end list

For UK account holders, as our uniqueness gets lost on the main means list.


You may only participate if you are a subject not a citizen and you are able to differentiate between scouse, geordie, manx, cornish, glaswegian, cockney and brummie accents...

so lets begin;

to register a seller eb acc, you just need a mobile number

you must register a real or virtual card, this is to use for purchases, fees, and to lift your withdrawal limits.

to set up a UK acc, you must offer paypal.

to sell up to £650 p.a the ebay can be attached to an unverifed paypal.

to get verified and receive up to £1900, you must add bank account to pp. It can be a current or savings acc.

to lift receiving limit of £1900 you must be bank verified, you may get the request for docs at around the £1650 mark.

BIG QUESTION- to avoid the £1900 there are couple of things you can do but they are not guaranteed and a manual review (often at 1 year mark) may erase the docs request. Use a real address that is on electoral roll and start off buying substantial (not 99p items) on ebay. Few other variations of this.

can next poster cover selling limits on ebay........

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Old 12-27-2011
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Selling limits kick in, in the main, from day one (Not always!!). To increase selling limits is well documented in the forums but most success appears to come with non Vero and low risk but they can be kicked in at any time.

Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that information on the account that is in the public arena helps an easy passage on this issue.

Initial limits seem to be 10 items £650 per month for new accounts

To increase this to 100 items and £5000 per month you need to have a fully verified Ebay and Paypal, over 90 days old, have an exceptional seller dashboard with all fees paid upto date, have over 100 sold items with no buyer Protection Cases opened, have DSRs over the average of 4.8

After that you can wait and hope they will increase your limits or you can call.

When calling enure you have ALL of your stealth info printed out in front of you. I found it helps to play thick (easy for me to do - I'm not playing) and let them guide you through it.

Always call from the same number - one number for each account (I use a cheap SIM on a cheap mobile and go off site to do this as we get no signal at home)

Do not expect to get unlimited limits if your account is less than 12 months old

If you present logical arguments they will, in the main, work with you. I sell certain items that are in the £200 - £250 band and I couldn't list for half the month. The limit is now 100+ or £25,000. But I need to call in every month to increase it - expect this if your account is not aged. Limits are set on a 30 day cycle and cannot be increased twice in that 30 days.

The rep informed me that all new accounts get limits so expect it.

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Old 12-28-2011
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Banking Section - Last amended on 11th Jauary 2012

None available for UK

Entropay - Confirmed working
3V cash - Confirmed working by myself

Alliance & Leicester-
Barclays -
Coop - Confirmed working by oompaloompa
Halifax Current account - Confirmed and working by myself
Halifax EasyCash - Confirmed working by TLSunny
H.S.B.C Current Account- Confirmed working by oompaloompa / TizWoz
ING - Confirmed NOT working by oompaloompa
LLoyds TSB - Not good for receiving in stealth names
Metro Bank - Confirmed working to be working by myself
Nationwide - Confirmed working by oompaloompa
Natwest - Confirmed by TizWoz; Step Accounts - Confirmed by IMakeMoney
RBS Key Account - Confirmed working by GreenBean
RBS Select Account -
RBS accounts on the whole work - Confirmed working by TizWoz
Santander - Confirmed working by cortex - Confirmed working by oompaloompa
Yorkshire Bank -

Pre-paid Banks:
CardOne - **
ClearCash -**
MyCashPlus - **
Santander Reward Account - Confirmed working by myself (£10 monthly fee)
Secure Trust Bank - used to work for stealth names, not sure about now (£12.50 monthly fee)
**confirmed working xxxhustlerxxx 11/1

Halifax - Confirmed to VERIFY a paypal by oompa, withdrawal needs further testing
Halifax ISA Savers online - Confirmed working by TizWoz

There are limits on ISA's and HMRC are notified that you have opened one via National Insurance number
*needs input ive never used these

Halifax Online Saver - Confirmed working by TizWoz
Halifax Regular Saver - Confirmed working by TizWoz
Halifax Everyday Savers - Confirmed working by TizWoz
LLoyds Savers (all variations) - Avoid these completely!!!

Can also be used to withdraw from ppal when the 180 day hold has expired
Avoid using for verification purposes

(This is not a complete list yet - You can PM me if you want to add comments to the list or if you want me to make ammendments)
ʎɐqə ɯoɹɟ pɹɐoqʎəʞ ɐ ʎnq ı əɯıʇ ʇsɐl əɥʇ sı sıɥʇ

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Old 12-30-2011
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Add info to the above thread. discuss, chat about the info.

Then I'll transfer editied info to this thread which is closed for the moment.
Closed Thread

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