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Default No way to get back on eBay...LONG READ

I've been trying for months to get back on eBay and failed multiple times, now that eBay have managed payments in place it's harder to get back on because they are asking for SSN and bank account.

Before you ask yes I read the Stealth Book
New IP -Not using a VPN
New Address
New User on computer
New Phone number - non voip real sim card
New Bank info
Cleared cookies
Disabled WebRTC
Using Firefox (Previous browser was chrome)
Build up browsing history
Acted like a buyer and purchased some digital items

I browsed and purchased for 3 weeks then I listed an item. The title was "Chocolate Bonnie Five Nights at Freddy's Funko Plush Walmart Exclusive"

Listed as an auction first wasn't getting any views or bids it had been 3 days. So I decided to take it down and list as a fixed price for $15 and it started getting views.

EBay asked for SSN I skipped that, they asked for my bank info I gave them that because I never use that account.

1 day later I get an email from eBay saying my account was permanently suspended and they removed my listings. I thought I did everything right so I couldn't help myself to contact eBay and act like I didn't do anything wrong. The first rep told me I need to link my PayPal to remove my suspension. That didn't seem right, I told the agent that when I listed my item eBay asked for my bank account info and said nothing about paypal which was true. He transferred me to another agent they told me I needed to upload ID and Proof of Address. I'm not so that account is dead.

So I decided to get a EIN but here's where I messed up. When creating a ein my autofill filled out the business name as my name and I didn't notice. So instead of business name saying something like electronic shop it says my real name. So I can't use that because eBay will probably link me.

So now im thinking what did I do wrong was it:
Purchasing digital items then after 3 weeks started selling?
Listing an item as a auction then taking it down and listing it as a fixed price?
Was it title of my item? Maybe using brand names like Walmart and funko?

I thought about buying physical items and having it shipped to me but I won't have access to that address.

So should I get an LLC and start over? (But is it worth getting a LLC and I could possibly be suspended in a few days/weeks/months of getting it?) In my state it's $100

If I get an LLC could I use my previous suspended address? I ask this question because of the picture below.

Could my name be blacklisted? I know it's a crazy thing to ask but I made a ton of accounts before managed payments and they all got permanently suspended I read the stealth guide over and over and done my research on the forums, but still failed.

I just don't know what's linking me, I waited 3 weeks before listing, and everything above. I want to figure out what is the problem before spending $100 for an LLC just for them to link me again in a few days.

I could be making a lot more money If I could get back on ebay, me being suspended on ebay is stopping my income growth because I only have mercari to sell on. If you ever sold on ebay and mercari before you know things do better on ebay then mercari and vise verse.

I don't know if then helps but I was suspended a year ago for selling counterfits, it wasn't counterfeit I was selling in game services. They buyers would give me $15 to help them level up in the game but ebay didn't want to hear it ��

They told me multiple times it was vero but I knew it wasn't so I kept listing the item. I should've just moved on to something else.

I'm not asking anyone to tell their secrets I'm asking very basic questions. I hope someone can help.

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Default Re: No way to get back on eBay...LONG READ

EIN with your name should be safe,Ebay cant rely on name alone with millions of users,but your SSN will
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Default Re: No way to get back on eBay...LONG READ

Have you tried a different device when creating an account?

The address used.. is it a real address?

The phone number.. what type is it? Which service?

Never block anything browser based.. webrtc for example.. those will cause a lot of problems.

Never buy digital items..
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