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Old 07-29-2013
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Default Need advice with old eBay + Paypal account

I've recently had a few eBay and one Paypal [Account 1] account all suspended. The accounts were linked and now cannot be used - I'd never seen this forum prior to then.

I have an old eBay account that I registered in 2001 which I stopped using due to a bit of bad luck with 2 negative feedback at the same time, 1 due to postal damage and the buyer not having insured delivery and the other due to the buyer leaving me negative feedback because he bought the item in error. Despite resolving both issues by giving refunds the buyers chose to leave me negative feedback regardless. Prior to that I had nearly 200 positive feedback for buying but mainly selling over a number of years. There doesn't appear to be any restrictions on this account in terms of buying or selling. There is also a Paypal account linked to this [Account 2].

The old Paypal account [Account 2] linked to the is no longer my address but it can still be used because I have a friend that lives there. The Paypal account is Verified but the ban account is 'unconfirmed' and linked to a bank acount that I still have but is no longer use.

Both all eBay and Paypal accounts use the same name as the accounts which have just been suspended. The address listed on Paypal Account 2 is the same as an old address on the suspended accounts.

Since being suspended, I've obtained a new IP via DHCP with my ISP, the last octet has changed. I've changed my local machine name, my logon account name. I've obtained a new IP on my mobile, flushed all cookies across all of my devices and have only accessed eBay and Paypal via the web browser on my mobile, not via the eBay and Paypal apps [although I have removed the cache and stored settings for these apps].

My questions are:-

1) Confirming the bank account on Account 2 is going to be tricky as I no longer use it. It's been a while since I've done this but is the confirmation process purely so Paypal can drop a couple of pence into my account with a reference number for me to validate?

2) As I no longer use the bank account associated with Paypal Account 2, can I use Paypal Account 1 that was associated with the suspended accounts for transferring money to and from Paypal Account 2 which is linked to my current bank account? Or is this likely to result in the accounts being linked and my only remaining eBay account being suspended?

3) On my working eBay account, I seem to recall reading somewhere that I can add my current address [linked to suspended accounts] as an alternate address, is this correct / safe?

4) Will eBay consider it suspicious that this working account has suddenly sprung back into life after just over a year of complete inactivity, and I should start to build it up slowly with some moderate buying and eventually start to sell items again slowly? Or does the fact that this account has been registered for over 10 years and has mostly positive feedback make that irrelevant?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 08-01-2013
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1) Verification of the account with bank is where 2 deposits are done (fyi: confirmation is done with credit card)

2) You should not use an old bank account - this is known to cause linking (even if it does not go through).

3) Not safe to use ANY old registration info...period.

4) You should nurture it back into existence...buying, browsing, bidding.

You should also have a look at the stealth guide - a very good resource book for you
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Old 08-01-2013
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^^^Great advice on the above post. The most pertinent to me would be #3 where there is mention of NOT using any of your old info.

When creating a stealth account, everything must be new. You can not take shortcuts by using some of your old info with new info and expect to operate fine. You may be able to run for a few days or months, but sooner or later, the ebay bots will link you.

Read through the stealth guide to understand the basics. It will also help you understand the many possible ways you can get linked - so you can avoid doing so in the future.

Best of luck in your stealth journey and welcome to the forum.
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johnnyleeds (08-01-2013)
Old 08-01-2013
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Yer B1gB0r3, you;ve got a lot to learn, but if being able to sell on ebay / paypal is important to you then you'll put the hours in and learn the ropes. Its not rocket science and you'll pick it up but there is more to learn and understand than can be explained in a short list of points in a forum message. I;ve been doing eBay Stealth for years now and I'm still learning things.

The eBay Stealth manual is a great place to start and its well worth the money. You could probably glean everything in the manual from coming in this forum, but it would take you ten times as long and you'd be making mistakes and losing accounts along the way without the knowledge in the eBay Stealth manual. I know this because thats exactly what I did over the course of a couple of years. I thought I knew enough to set up a stealth ebay and paypal account on my own. However 2 years down the line I bought the manual and I wished I'd bought it sooner because while I did know a lot of stuff in the manual, there was a lot of fundamental things I didnt even know existed such as IP tracking and Flash cookies, plus lots of stuff to do with bank accounts etc etc.

Anyway good luck, you'll get there!
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