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billlybob123 06-12-2020 07:20 AM

Ebay Account Broken
Im not sure yet if I need a new eBay account yet or if my current one will get fixed. My eBay account is not a stealth account is in my name and linked to my business. Ive had it for many years and it has 100% positive feedback.

Last week I logged onto my ebay using a computer that was running Proton VPN in the background. Unknown to me it was changing my IP address every few minutes. When I logged back into eBay on my own computer eBay had removed all my listings, refunded customers, removed my positive feedback. I called eBay and they explained the IP issue they apologized and told my not to use Proton VPN again as it will trigger eBays computer to protect my account.

Ebay reinstated my account, but since then when I try and list my items (I sell very low risk items), I am stuck in a verification loop. First it was text verification but it has moved onto email verification. However in the last two days it asks me "What other eBay user ID is associated with your current address?". There an none. The telephone rep from eBay told me to type my own user ID in, and now Im locked out for 24hrs. All my verification is genuine and uses my real info.

Ive spoken to eBay every day since this has happened. They have seemed to genuinely be trying to help me get my account to work, one security rep spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with me going through settings and tests etc. Ultimately all the reps say there's nothing wrong with the account, all the verification are turned off. But as soon as I try to list, I have to verify. Two days ago I got told it was an issue with the eBay site and my account had been added to the list of accounts to fix... but Ive heard nothing since about that.

Have any of you seen this issue before? Do you know of a fix? Or will I need to move on from this account (the issue is I don't really want an eBay account that doesn't brand with my business).

Thanks in advance.

Uavmods 08-06-2020 06:13 AM

Did you get it fixed my account is doing the same thing

Comfirm your account loop

Hi I have been having problems trying to edit or listing if I try to edit or list an item it goes to comfirm your account it looks like you have signed in from another computer but the thing is I haven't.
Anyway I go ahead with what they want and they send me the 4 digits by email I put them in then it takes me back to my listing so I click submit the listing but bam it puts me back to the comfirm your account page again.
I have tried it with another computer and android device and different browsers but it's same thing a constant loop.
I have contacted ebay they have tried to fix but couldn't find what's wrong they said it should work and there is nothing wrong the the account i was on the phone with them for 40mins in the end the guy said he would put* note on my account for some that maybe can fix but 4 days have passed its still the same.
I contacted ebay again but they still don't know what is wrong with the account.??

Pandoras_box 08-06-2020 04:05 PM

Re: Ebay Account Broken
As discussed in your other thread, this is possibly a glitch but there is a chance this is IP related. Most CS you speak to are first line and can't solve sophisticated problems.

I'd guess (and don't take it as a final position) that this is IP-related and some automated system is holding you hostage until 'the system can trust you again' or until some back-end support person flicks some switch. Again, just a silly wild guess.

One more thing, in computing, the loop you described is usually compounding. This means if you trigger an automated security system - and keep doing so, things could really go downhill.

In the mean-time, try using inkfrog trial to list your items until your issues go away.

Uavmods 08-07-2020 05:30 AM

Re: Ebay Account Broken
I tired inkfrog it don't work yea the first person I talk to on ebay could not fix it so she put me onto another guy in the US but he could no fix I says he has not seen this before and he could not fix too so I am stuck with it.
He may not seen it before but I have as its the same on my other ebay account both cannot list or edit I have had these sheath for 9 years so it looks like this is something new ebay are inforcing.
My ip address is OK have been using it for 5 months with no problems it's a BT provider it's not one of these ip sites

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