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poker2009 06-14-2012 03:01 PM

Been suspended and NARU

I got a MC034 FB Notice, feedback manipulation last week.

Admittedly I had been selling some 1p items, to build up my feedback a bit. I didn't realise how bad an idea this was, especially since reading some posts on this forum.

The notice says I have been restricted for 30 days minimum, then there is a link to a "chat" with an advisor I have to use to try and get it lifted.

This is my first offence, which I obviously now regret. Are they likely to lift my restriction or ban me altogether?

They have also made me NARU. Is this normal, I thought they would give me a 30 day selling restriction rather than make me NARU - have they already made up their minds?

I have one more account, which is still ok, but I am not bidding/selling on this until this hopefully is resolved - will I lose this aswell when I contact them in 30 days?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

GreenBean 06-15-2012 02:08 AM

Welcome to the forum :yar:

Remorse is always best after being caught :boink:

This is something ebay uk were doing 2 years ago. If they caught sellers for manipulation they suspended the account too. Not seen these for a while.

Try to get to LiveChat & plead your case earlier. Then you can plan the next step(s)

poker2009 06-15-2012 02:32 AM

Hi - thanks for the response.

I did do a live chat the other day. I was told it would be automatically lifted after 30 days, if it wasn't I should get in touch. Also said if I did it again would be an indefinite suspension. Do you think the rep just didn't know the severity of it?

I tried to dig deeper, and asked if my account said NARU, did this mean I would not get reinstated.

Also the Notice said I must use the link to chat with a representative once the 30 days were up, so how can it be automatically lifted - I cant see that happening!

I think my main question is if I have been made NARU already am I doomed? I thought a seller restriction would have been a softer approach.

I just got standard formal responses, and then the rep terminated the chat!

rsot 06-15-2012 10:45 AM

Welcome to the forums.

Sadly the accusation of feedback manipulation can be harsh with no suspension, just flat ban...it has happened.

I would try another agent and begin process of creating new accounts.

All the best.

poker2009 07-13-2012 01:42 PM

Some good news for once - I got my account back after being suspended 30 days for feedback manipulation and being made NARU.

Don't know if it helped at all, but basically begged the online chat person to reinstate me.

From now on staying above the law!!

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