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Old 01-25-2014
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Default Newbies comments on ebay methods

Hi everyone, I'm a new member here. I signed up after reading the below thread

I'm disgusted at the recent events that have taken place in the last day, causing three hours of pure distress and discomfort. Suffering from illness I have found the eBay response to be lacking any empathy or respect for me, as a valued customer, what-so-ever.

Whilst I don't want to create too long of a post I will try and cut it down as short as I can.

I have been a long-term eBay member for several years and before then I had been a member, before the days you were forced to need a Paypal account or payment card to sign up, or at least to use eBay as it was intended, with simplicity and ease.

A little history. - I had lost all details of my original account from when eBay started (which is fine not a problem, as it really was that long ago), several years later to create a new account and have just under 1,000 transactions to take place with ease (and might I add, perfection with all sales and purchases), this includes selling and buying under my personal account.

Now, after a long time without an eBay account, after closing it due to personal reasons, I have found that eBay are forcing "User ID's" onto their new customers. Had I have known I perhaps would not have signed up once again.

Under the Register page you will now find a First Name, Surname, Email Address, Password and Password Confirm box with no such mention anywhere on the page of creating a user ID or username, which leads you to think this process will take place on a possible next page once you click on the submit button.

After much time had passed I had decided on the username (or user ID) I wish to use, this taking several months of thought, and time, and creation of a whole new email account, just for this purpose which I did not want to do in the first place, after all why should you need a new account just because eBay say so?

I had entered the correct details into these boxes with the pre-understanding that I would simply click Submit and then select a User ID.

I couldn't have been further away from being as wrong as humanly possible, not only am I shocked and completely unamused and upset by this but the new eBay system has not only selected a user ID for me, but it has used my real name no less!!

To have your full, real name instantly created as a username (or user ID) is disgusting and a complete breach of what I would have thought most people would consider privacy.

After spending the best part of three hours talking with an online eBay staff member to get the same answers constantly I felt like I was more or less hitting my head against a brick wall, also to be lied to several times and then to be told "sorry, my colleagues informed me wrong at the beginning of this conversation", I understand that we're all human and make mistakes, but it appears that eBay staff training may perhaps be lacking as it appears I know more about the eBay system then their own staff, or that they simple do not care.

I simply asked for this ID to be erased completely, of course this simple action cannot be performed so I am told several times, and I know this anyway due to having used eBay since it first started and having been through similar situations in the past.

The problem is that I, like most eBay members, would like to remain anonymous and not have my full, real name, simply automatically issued as my username.

Whilst I am aware I can change User ID this does not stop anyone who is registered with eBay looking at the feedback page and simply clicking on the User ID History page and checking previous usernames, and then to be told that it would be removed/deleted and then simply to be told I had been lied to and that this action is actually impossible.

Overall I have never had a problem with eBay until now, having been a valued customer more than just the one time now (not that they would know, not being able to look at deleted accounts), they simply fobbed me off and showed little to no respect in helping.

Towards the end of the online conversation I am told a manager is going to call me and resolve my problem, to be called soon after and simply be told the same again several times, and to be over-talked at down the phone that the issue will be passed on to their tech team. I have never felt so patronized and shoved to one side as I had with this situation to be told there is nothing they will do, this had caused me quite the upset as I suffer illness and it had taken such a long time for me to actually create a user ID in the first place with much thought, time and care. Though I understand this may be a simple process for most people, I am not simply able to think of something suitable to my own tastes every day.

Whilst on the phone to the manager I am also told several times that once you click submit you will be able to choose a username and that any username is selected by myself as it is simply a suggested username or to be told that I have had a choice in what username I would be able to choose and that this was performed by myself. I can't explain further how wrong this information is and how wrong they are. I had no choice in user ID and I did not select it myself, if I had it would be the username I had wanted and not my real name!

After being lied to, talked down to and to simply be told on the end of the phone that I will be emailed with pictures of how to sign up when you simply are not able to enter your own user ID in the first place.

Has anyone else had the same experience? I have pretty much lost all faith in eBay now and do not wish to create yet another email account simply because they state they will not help with the situation that is created by them in the first place!

Do I sound like a raving lunatic or am I within my rights to find this a completely unfair system forced onto people who clearly are unsuspecting their name will be plastered into eBay the moment they have clicked the submit button?

Why can't they just add a User ID box to start with and make life easier for it's members.

Last edited by GreenBean; 01-26-2014 at 06:38 AM.
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Old 01-26-2014
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Default Re: Anyone notice ebay is now assigning user names to new accounts?

@unreal2014 glad you finally got a chance to vent about eBay. Myself I have been using eBay for almost 10 years. It isn't what it use to be that is for sure.

To focus on the thread. It appears initially if you have a new account they are trying to assign you an ID. Once you get going and become established I haven't seen anything preventing any user from changing the name.
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Old 01-26-2014
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Default Re: Newbies comments on ebay methods

You can change your userid at anytime under the personal information page, I believe they assign a random userid to make the registration process quicker.
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Old 01-26-2014
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Default Re: Newbies comments on ebay methods

Welcome to the forums unreal2014. Should be able to change the userid without problems...
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Old 01-26-2014
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Default Re: Newbies comments on ebay methods

You can change your ID pretty easily, but your original ID will always be viable in ID history. No way to remove that.

It does not generally use your full name though, only part of your name (usually about 5 letters from your name)
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Old 01-26-2014
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Default Re: Newbies comments on ebay methods

Do I sound like a raving lunatic

I think you really need to put things into perspective. If this is the state you get into over setting an account up, I perish the thought of what will happen when some moron of a buyer drops an unwarranted negative on your account.

Welcome the forum, anyway.
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