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Old 01-17-2009
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Default Query about using PO Box.

I was thinking about going to the post office tomorrow and opening a PO box to get back on ebay with. I've gotten eBay Stealth and all that. I was curious as to how someone could use a different address or suite number and have it sent to a PO box. Also, how can you use a different name and have it sent to the same PO box? I used to live in an apartment and had items I've bought returned to sender for having a different name with the same address and apartment number on them.

I guess I'd like to know how you: 1. Get a PO Box and have it under a different name? 2. Change PO Box to a Suite number or a different address? (I need an example of such address( should it be local?(isnt this illegal?))) 3.Use a different name on ebay and have mail sent to a PO Box with your real name? 4. Receive packages at a PO Box? 5. Accept mail at the Post Office with a different name/ ID?

Is this something that a Post Office may accept? Does anyone have any particular experiences in how they handled this situation or what they did? Is the results dependent on who's working/ what time of day it is? I was thinking about opening it and maybe using my same first name but replacing the last with the middle or maybe changing an i in my name to an L or switch a couple letters "by mistake" and have a relatively untraceable name(maybe?) and still having no qualms with postal workers showing my apparent 2 forms of ID, one with picture.

I used to buy and sell, mainly vintage clothes. I'd typically put most of what I made back into ebay anyways. I'd send out a good deal of shirts, pants or jackets I'd receive a good number myself. The items are usually in those soft envelopes and are pretty safe in travel but they could be damaged if they're crammed into a PO Box. Would they try to do this? I'd like to have a sturdy account that I can buy with and god forbid not have anything returned to sender or closed or limited within days.

Phew, I just had to be detailed as to not waste my nor anyone elses time who should tackle all the above :o

For a little background....

I had an account running on old, previously suspended info believe it or not. It had been a year or so since I had used ebay. I was selling and ran into trouble when they kept limiting my paypal account as I sold more and wanted me to ship out items before I received payments. Well it was getting a little hard to ship things out when I had no money and they wanted sellers fees on top of that. Then someone gave me a bad address in Puerto Rico and blamed it on me that their item was sitting in a Post Office for a week leaving them to believe I tried to scam them for 40 dollars for whatever reason. Like it's even worth it? You can't get away with it on there! Well this guy filed a complaint and it was enough to temporarily suspend me leading my other buyers with items in transit to believe I was scamming them and then a couple of sellers I bought from and never got payment to when they limited paypal filed complaints and it snowballed big time. All my buyers came through but the sellers I bought from already resold the items by the time I tried to pay and they didn't want to have anything to do with me.
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Old 01-17-2009
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Like reading a long novel.There are many threads that answer this. Here's two for a start

Put your country's flag on your profile to help with answers.
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Old 01-17-2009
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Video Ouija,
The threads that green bean mentioned are helpful and will give you an overview. And yes, please add your flag. There is not much there for P.O. boxes specifically, though.
For Canada and the U.S., use a private business mailbox store. I much prefer this option to making up address etc. especially if you want your account to last. If you consider it a throwaway, then it does not much matter. A mailbox store in most cases will give you a street address. With most, you need to show id so you will need to register with your real info. However, most will let you add extra names and business names to the account so that you can also receive mail in those names.
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Old 01-18-2009
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I have been selling with a po box addy for a couple months. filtered about 7k through this account. Used real name. no problems so far
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Old 01-19-2009
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Get friends, acquaintances, or people with money issues to open boxes for you.
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