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Old 04-16-2020
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Default Instant suspension, can't figure this one out

I've been making stealth accounts for about 10 years now, so I know the ropes pretty well. Sure things change over time in terms of tracking abilities, and I will sometimes slip up but notice my fatal error and simply try again.

After my most recent account was suspended for the "safety of the eBay community", despite no risky items being sold, information that I verified with docs, 100% positive feedback ect, I got an indefinite suspension.

So now off to make a new account.. here are the steps:

-New Mac User Account
-Nord VPN to change my IP address
-New address
-New email
-Burner App phone number

I start browsing, put items on my watch list, ect. Establish a browser fingerprint before starting to sell. Then I'll list one item, with pre-filled info as its in eBay's catalog. One account I used my savings account for the payment info when prompted. Subsequent accounts I hit the back button when prompted for a payment method.

All of them get an email shortly after indicating the selling limits are reduced to 5/$500. Then about 20 min later I get an indefinite suspension notice with no way to appeal. Am I missing something new?

Now to the really scary part. A family member has had a personal buyer's account for a few years now. They keep getting emails about listing promotions, and offered me the ability to use their account. Their limits are 1000/$25000. So I listed about 5 items, and have been taking things slow. They have only logged into their account using their iPad, using my network. So I created a new user account on my Mac, with wi-fi disabled upon logging into that user account, and then I'll turn wi-fi on, and connect via Nord VPN.

I'm worried I'll screw up their account too.

Any help is appreciated, I'm freaking out now!
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Old 04-16-2020
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Default Re: Instant suspension, can't figure this one out

2 elements you used in creating the account immediately come to mind:
1. NordVPN - terrible IP solution. Used and abused.
2. burner app phone number - same deal. Terrible. Used and abused.
You say you've been creating accounts for 10 years so Im a bit surprised you don't know these very basic things... I mean no offense. Perhaps you havnt been creating accounts in the last couple of years.
Use NordVPN on this new account and yes you WILL mess it up as well.
Better do your research before that happens and get yourself a more reliable IP solution - such as your own mobile data(turn your phone into a hotspot device - do your research on that).
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Old 04-16-2020
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Default Re: Instant suspension, can't figure this one out

Thanks for the reply - yeah I have been out of it for a little while as my accounts have been solid.

So I guess my best bet is keeping the high limit account and building it, but should I use IPBurger or something instead of NordVPN? Phone number isn't an issue as its attached to my landline. Somehow it hasn't been suspended despite having the same address as a suspended account (family member made it unknowingly).
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Old 04-16-2020
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Default Re: Instant suspension, can't figure this one out

Your problems are :

1. NordVPN - Everyone knows not to use them since the beginning. So you got lucky if you've been doing them for 10 years

2. VOIP phones. Try going to your cell provider and get a new number from them.

For a better IP solution try: IPBurger
they also have a Residential IP now.
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Old 04-16-2020
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Default Re: Instant suspension, can't figure this one out

People have reported that EBay are getting stricter for accounts made with a V.P.N, although you may operate accounts with the V.P.N after, but if you call into Paypal or Ebay at sometime they may well notice you are using V.P.N and ask you to turn it off.

Burner numbers from Apps are an absolute no no these days, just use prepaid sims if they are available where you are.

This kind of information is all over the forum, so don't be surprised if you chose to ignore and got banned
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