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Paypal Limited PayPal Limited Account A general forum on PayPal limitations and how to either lift them or create new accounts.

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Old 08-25-2019
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Default New Discovery When Withdrawing From Limited Accounts?

"Sorry for the re-post guys, the first post had errors in the title, admins please delete it when you can"

Alright in order to explain the possible would be discover, as usual I first must give you a boring and lengthy scenario to explain the discovery.

My initial response was regarding VPN's and What to say when PayPal tell you Turn off Your VPN? (Because they can obviously see it) I've seen many a responses. Some people say to say "I can't because it a work VPN", and have said "PayPal can't request you to do this". Some have even said "To argue and bring up the terms and mention how VPN's aren't against the terms".

The information is conflicting but here's a scenario;

You have PayPal accounts 3 years old which has its own User Profile and it used a "Shared VPN" since it's birth and since it's death. It received a lot of sales in it's lifetime (On shared IP's) and with some errors here and there was able to send and withdraw funds from I believe was due to cookies being built, and using same PC, etc. Fast forward a year after the limitation and you log back into the limited account to withdraw your funds, you add a bank (Customers Bank), you confirm the bank but you are being denied from from withdrawing. You call support only to get supervisors of supervisors, and they're response is something like.

"Im sorry but until you can turn off the VPN connection we can not and the system can not verify your location and will continue to denied any outgoing payment attempts."

So... here's the discovery, Now that I've given you that very rookie like perspective. This is my scenario exactly, I do not use shared VPN's (aka free vpn's) but for this years old account I have. And for other accounts about 4 years old I've used this very same shared VPN and computer to withdraw from and the withdrawals went flawless. Two big differences in the older 4 years old accounts for this one that is only 3 years of age.

1. Older accounts were limited 3+ years ago, this one was limited just 1+ year ago.
2. Older accounts I added a Major bank, BOA and I didn't even have to call support to add the bank or to withdraw, there was no errors, no phone verification and no public record questions and again from birth until death and after death during the withdrawal process I have used the same VPN (Shared) and PC, I successfully withdrew from two accounts of this age in this condition. With the new account I added a none major bank but (Customers bank) is still brick and mortar it certainly Isn't a cheap internet bank, let alone still using the same shared VPN, I still receive errors, still had to call them and they are still requesting I turn the VPN Off.

I take this as good news a bad, the bad obviously being I'll have to do some spoofing to get the funds out of this account, such as a proxy or go use public wifi somewhere, but that account or getting the money out is not my care or concern Im more interested in the good news which could be a new discovery according to the results of the accounts. meaning based either on how old the account is, how long ago it was limited and/or the bank used to withdraw, can dictate if you will have to contact paypal by phone or if the system will allow your funds to be instantly withdrew.

Maybe it just depends on the bank used, maybe just how long ago the account was limited, or maybe a combination of the two? Who Knows, please share your thoughts.

P.S. Im still interested in knowing what do you say when paypal ask you to turn off your VPN.
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