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Paypal Limited PayPal Limited Account A general forum on PayPal limitations and how to either lift them or create new accounts.

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Old 03-22-2014
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Default Paypal "final reminder" help, please!

Paypal "final reminder" help, please!

Dear fellow forum members,

Just trying to figure-out the best option for me/us here. I had a problem with my personal acc. (my name-info only)in Feb. 2009, trying to sell as much product as we could, not "knowing-the-ropes" of what might be allowed. My new wife recently emigrated to America, didn't understand "policy", and pushed-the-limits with restricted items that at the time, we didn't understand how much we couldn't sell these on Ebay, b/c the company had a zero-policy for non-authorized sellers, and we got notices, and finally I thought I could personally write to John Danahoe, and have some luck. Worst thing I could have done, b/c after I wrote to him, my acc. became suspended. I saw other people successfully sell them items, so I thought, "why can't we"....

I then proceeded to open-up a new acc. in my wife's maiden name only. Had bought eBay Stealth, read and studied it, and thought that all would be well using just her acc. All has been well these past x5 years, we've had some bumps-and-bruises, but have continued to sell well, although now we don't try for volume or to make a living doing it.

But and however, recently we received a notice from Paypal (included below) asking for verifying info. Thing is, my last name is now her last name, and that's the only obvious link to the now x5-year-old suspended personal acc. I have. We use a "suite box" and all the info is in her maiden name. For verification purposes, she has her passport (which has my last name) and social-security (also with my last name), and her "suite-box and banking acc." that is only her maiden-name. BTW, we have used a Tax-ID number with Paypal, and that leads me to believe "that's why they can't verify her info." based on what they already have...but I'm not sure what they are fishing for, and I don't know the full implications of the e-mail they sent to us (included below), someone with experience here will know how best, or best not to proceed!

I can accept that,..and I would think Paypal can accept that "she since got married and now has a new last name". There are probably quite a few of "my last name" people in the city we reside and where have her acc. domiciled.

What I'm not sure about, and what I worry about, is that sending-in these documents that have my last name on two of the documents, although there's not obvious link to my personal x5-year-old suspended acc., even if they did the most basic "people-search" of her full name now (the one with my last name), it would easily show our residence, and that is the same residence that I had problems with my old personal acc. BTW, my suspended personal ebay acc., didn't carry-over into my Paypal, and I'll need to check and verify, but I think my old personal Paypal acc. is still in good standing.

The issue I have, is 1) what are they looking for with this request? 2) Are they going to push for a link, now that she would be showing my last name on some of these documents? 3) given what they are asking for, what would be the repercussions for not sending-in any documents, with this "final reminder, we noticed an issue with your acc." e-mail? It seems to me they are fishing for info....

My wife wants to send them her passport, which shows her maiden-name with my last name on it, her social security, showing my last name and her bank-statements, showing just her maiden name only and the address of our suite box. Her passport does show she's from another country, so it's not beyond reason that "she got married since she's had a banking-acc./suite-box in her maiden name only. I simply don't want to create a link to my old damaged/suspended acc. and it scares me to give them documents that would allow for such, if they really did some dd.

At this point, it seems that we have to reply, and my wife says she's not worried, just to issue them her passport, social security (all showing my last name) and her banking-info addressed to our suite-box, her maiden name, which by the way, is the only name Ebay/Paypal has, that is, her maiden name.

Any help or suggestions? Of course, we have 100% feedback and great customer support-feedback, always making customer's happy, doing a good-good job, but you know how these behemoths are...they find ways to trip-you-up, to trap you and ban you, for no good reason! Glad Carl Ichan is exposing the BOD-fraud, selling Skype for peanuts, and most board members having big conflicts of interest. Ichan calls it "one of the worst-run, mismanaged companies in America", honestly look-it-up. My thoughts too, b/c they act so high-and-mighty and above reproof, yet they themselves can act like sharks and don't have clean hands. Please excuse the rant, but since I personally rely on Ebay and Paypal, and have done everything humanly possible to have a good acc. with great customer service, it just jars and worries and peeves me, when living in America, and needing to sell things I no longer need/want, or my wife selling authentic product she gets for a huge discount since she manages a dept. in a Fortune-100 Co. and as such, the huge audience these platforms represent, (I've sold cars, land, and too may big-items that I couldn't imagine not being able to sell) it's almost indispensable to us Americans and Consumers...shame that's it's locked-up pretty much between the two outfits only, b/c competition would be quite healthy here....

Ok, sorry to go on-and-on...any experienced members with advice here? Ok to submit the documents referenced here, or will such cause a "link" and ill-consequences? Thanks for thoughtful replies!...Good-Luck to us All!
__________________________________________________ _______

Here is their communication, so some-one with experience, might know what they are really asking for, searching for, and if sending-in what my wife wants, would be ill-advised or not! Right now, the only limit I can see we have is the ability to not add money...they had lifted a "hold-on-funds 30-days or whatever" about 1-month ago, then we get this notice, and apparently right now, we "can't add funds", but I/we aren't interested in that anyway...but if they restrict our acc. further, or place debilitating limits, b/c we don't send-in any documents, then it would be a BIG PROBLEM:
__________________________________________________ ___________

Provide information about your account. Why?
Complete the step(s) to provide information in the table below to have your account reviewed.
What can I do while my account is limited?

send money
withdraw money from your account
receive or request money
update your account information
add or remove a card
add or remove a bank account
send refunds
use PayPal logos in your auction listings or on your website

What can't I do while my account is limited?

add money to your account

Steps to Provide More Information
Date Limited Required Response Status Action
Feb 19, 2014 Photo IDTo help confirm your identity, please send us a copy of your photo ID that shows your name and address. Waiting for your response Resolve
Feb 19, 2014 Proof of AddressTo confirm your address, please send us a copy of a bill that shows your name and address. Helpful documents include a utility bill, a cell phone bill, an insurance bill, or a tuition bill. Waiting for your response Resolve
Feb 19, 2014 Provide Proof Of SSNProvide documentation that shows your Social Security number. Helpful documents include a copy of your Social Security card, a pay stub, or a government-issued document. Waiting for your response Resolve

__________________________________________________ _______

Card Linked
Bank Account: Linked and Confirmed
You can now enjoy our full range of benefits:

Transfer money Available
Send money Fewer fees*
Sending limit Lifted
Receive money Available
Withdraw money Limit lifted

Account Overview

__________________________________________________ _________
PayPal is constantly working to ensure security by regularly screening the accounts in our system. We recently reviewed your account, and we need more information to help us provide you with secure service. We would like to return your account to regular standing as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What is the problem?

Feb 19, 2014: Before we can offer you certain products and services, federal regulations require that we collect specific information to verify your identity. This information includes your name, address, date of birth, and National Tax ID or Social Security number. We haven't been able to verify your identity using the information you provided, so we need some additional documentation from you.

Until this issue is resolved, you'll be able to log in to your PayPal account but you might not be able to add money to it or use some of your account features.
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Old 03-22-2014
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Default Re: Paypal "final reminder" help, please!

Sorry, but with all the "rambling words", I didn't make it clear that we've never had a Paypal account suspended or limited (until now, with this request of identity info, where the limit is to "add funds").

I'll check today, but I'm pretty sure, that even with my old personal Paypal associated with a suspended Ebay, it was never limited or suspended.

Thought I'd clarify this, b/c re-reading my post, I see it's un-clear....
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Old 03-23-2014
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Default Re: Paypal "final reminder" help, please!

Was a bit confused with everything in ur post

You most likely have what you can do and what you can not do,while your account is limited mixed up

You CAN add money

And you Can't do that long list

any information that was on a previously suspended account and used on a new account will cause a link

So if you send any Information into paypal such as a passport and the address is the same on the passport as both accounts that you have than that is a problem

paypal needs to see your An official ID such as a passport, with all the same I formation that you have used when you opened the account

Now if the passport does match all the info on your limited account And that information was not used on any other suspended accounts , than that is what u need to send in

But if you are on the third request you need to send everything in ASAP, when something like this happens it's always best to upload all the info within hours of the limitation

And if you do not provide them with the Information they requested than your account is finished, so really you have no choice, any info that you have used when registering your paypal account needs to be shown to them on an official ID

Whether the info is linked or not is irrelevant at this point, because you cannot change the info now and give a different ID, u must provide everything they asked for, and now and just hope you didn't use any of the same info from your older account
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Old 03-23-2014
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Default Re: Paypal "final reminder" help, please!

PP is asking for documentation? Then you must provide it to them - or call them up and try to negotiate...but it`s tough.
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Old 03-23-2014
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Default Re: Paypal "final reminder" help, please!

Thanks for all the replies forum-members....

I think I wrote too many words and caused a lot of confusion.

Her acc. was opened in her maiden name, but now her US-pass-port has my last name on it, along with her SS-number. I just didn't want to cause a link with submitted documents that have my last name. But I've come to learn, from a private message here, that "maybe" that my last name alone, shouldn't cause a link.

Finger's crossed, and just going to submit her (passport, ss-#, that have my last name on them, since we got married), and (suite-box and bank-statement, that have only her maiden-name and that what she opened-up the Paypal acc. with)

In conclusion, the only link possible here is "my tarred last name from Ebay 2009", but I'm guessing that's not enough to cause a great domino link!

We'll see, and unless I get a big warning here, before I go to submit these documents, (today, since I want to be done with this!) I'll just submit them and hope for the best!

Thanks for all who have replied and taken valuable time to help me out here! Kudos...and many thanks!
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Old 03-24-2014
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Default Re: Paypal "final reminder" help, please!

you are doing the correct thing, just submit it, and it should probably be fine....
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