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Old 01-07-2009
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Default Will this link me ?

Hi guys !

I just bought ebay-stealth ,have been reading it . but there are still some things I can not figure out .
I had a Suspened ebay account ,which I need to fax docs to get it open .
I didn't want to spend my time to do that , so, I got the ebay Stealth Book , and opened a new account ,new paypal .

but after I have been reading this form for a while , I realize getting the money out from paypal will be a big problem ,too !
I had false address and name on this new paypal account , so, I will not be ablt to send any docs if they ask me someday, so, my question is how much money can I transfer evrytime ,that will be a safe number ,they will not limit me ?I am selling VERO ,but I am not selling alot ,no more than $500 a week .

if this is too much to transfer everyweek ,can I just send it to my old paypal account which is linked to that Suspened ebay account ?or refund to buyer the money as soon as I get them in this new account , and write them e-mail , have them send to that old paypal account (linked with Suspened ebay account ", will this link my new ebay account ?
I know this will be a lot work just refund money to every single buyer everytime and e-mail them to send to another account .but will this work for me ?

Please help !!

Paypal sucks !we can not even take our own money out ??!!!!
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Old 01-08-2009
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I just responded to a similar question regarding the withdraw amount in another thread so I will quote myself below. However, you said you are selling VERO which I do not dabble in so hopefully another memeber can chime in as well

Originally Posted by fastfire667
I think it really depend on the category you are selling in. Paypal will scrutinize your account much more if you sell in a "hot" category. I opened my latest account on December first, didn't even bother buying anything and immediately started listings. I started 15 listings everynight ending in 3 days. After a couple of days I started listing 25 items every night. By the end of the week, I had 11 feedback already so i converted al lof my auctions to buy it now. I listed them for 30 days with featured, bold, highlight, all the goodies. I'm not going to be paying any fees on this account so I thought what the hell might as well go all out. At first I had about $150-200 per day running through my paypal account, I now am taking in $600-700 per day. I never withdraw more than $500 in a 24 hour period and I suggest you do the same. I keep thinking that any day my account is going to limited, but it still hasn't happened yet. When I started out, I shipped all goods same day payment was received to have the 21 day hold lifted quickly. Now that none of my payments are being held, and I am expecting the limitation to come anyday, I don't ship any goods until the money has hit my bank account. That way when the inevitable limitation happens, I will just refund the payments that i haven't shipped yet, close the bank account linked to my paypal and start all over again. So bottom line this is my advice

*Add the tracking number into paypal on ALL orders, even after they stop being held
*Keep withdraws under $500 per day
*Keep your withdraws consistent (withdraw aroud the same amount per dayif possible)
*Always leave at least a few bucks in your account
*Expect the limitation because sooner or later it will come

I am coming up to my second billing cycle and have already used 2 prepaid cards on this account (ebayfees bounced every time, theyare only $25 cards) to verify but the second billing cycle they will lock your ebay account if payment is not received. I hope to make it till then with this paypal and if i do, that will prove that you can in fact immediately begin taking in large amounts of money into your paypalaccount as long as it is not a "hot" category and you play your cards right.
Regarding refunding the payments and invoicing them from your other account, that is a dead end. I have tried doing this before and some buyers will pay, but many will not. eBay/Paypal has brainwashed buyers with their "Buyer Protection" nonsense, so many think they will get screwed over if they pay you to another paypal account other than the one set up with your auctions. Not to mention you said your eBay account is limited, so you should be expecting your paypal account to be limited any day now. Your best bet is to just ditch that account and open multiple ebay/paypal accounts to run your auctions through so that you stay under the radar. This will keep the money coming through each account low, not to mention if one goes down you already have backups galore. Good luck
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Old 01-08-2009
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The account you just created is completely new so I recommend not selling 2k worth of products in a single month. Start off selling slowly. If your selling VERO then I would recommend making more accounts then one. Only sell 1k worth of goods a month per account. Verify your paypal account with a credit card before doing any selling.
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