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Old 12-26-2009
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Default Newbie Here! Couple of questions

First of all i am very happy that i found this place. I was about to give up on ebay after they suspended me for a year - never had a negative feedback, never sold ⊗⊗⊗⊗. It appears i am not alone in a suspension bitterness. Started reading forums and defenately bought a book. SOooooo.... no i have question which i hope somebody will answer.

1. Thanks to the book i finally got to tethering my iphone to my mac - ip will change everytime i create this connection and i can create ebay accts? But what about Mac address? does the phone have it? Do i have to worry about any Macintosh info being tracked by ebay?

2. I was pulled for Vero that i couldnt understand what is it untill final suspension Is there a list of Vero items ? So i wouldnt make the same mistake twice. Or Vero item could be any brand item and the whole game of listing such item is just a matter of time untill somebody will contact flee bay about it?

3. I want to do as many stealth accts as possible - those of you with more than 5 accts on ebay does it mean you have 5+ checking accts? i have only 1 and i dont think major banks will open an acct for me - am i screwed?

4. Lets say i have 3 more friends that can lend me their checking accts and do a verify for paypal and ebay for me - after creating accts if i am going to log on through the iphone connected to mac do i have to worry about any other tracking by ebay if i am going to change ip address everytime?

5. Most important question - my paypal is fine after suspension - i have read on the board that some of you guys here have 2 ebays connected to 1 paypal. can i open another ebay with a different name and address and connect it to my existing paypal ?

Thanks in advance for answering those questions - i have more coming
Thanks to the board and a speacial thank you to aspkin !!!
Happy holidays
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Old 12-29-2009
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I am also new here (not to eBay) but I can answer some of your questions I just created 5 eBay Stealth accounts and yes you do have to have 5 seperate checking accounts. They do not have to have different routing numbers, so you can open more accounts with your same bank. Just call them up and say you want to open more accounts with them. As for changing your IP - I also use tethering on my iphone but you must be sure to turn the airport mode on and off in between switching from account to account so that there is never the same IP for two accounts. I would not risk linking your paypal to a new ebay account. If you are going to start fresh - start fresh Good Luck!
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Old 12-29-2009
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Hello and welcome,

1. You don't need to worry about mac address - just IP. You do need to clear cookies/flash on your computer. The easiest way not to share info between accounts is to create seperate user accounts for each pair of Ebay/PP accounts. This works for Windows and Macs.

2. How eBay Protects Intellectual Property (VeRO)
Have a mooch about here for Ebays breakdown of VERO and prohibited items.

3. yes you need to have a seperate account for each PP account you register. There are loads of options in the US... Just browse around the forums, there are tons of threads!

4. Better to open your own bank accounts so you are in full control! and use SEPERATE USER ACCOUNTS on your computer for each set of EBAY/PP accounts.

5. DON'T use that paypal again for Ebay transactions.

Good Luck, CaptainJack
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Old 12-29-2009
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Thanks a lot for answers guys. One last question before i stop bugging people here
Lets say i make more checking accts under my names - when registering for ebay do i need to put my :
1. Name? Different name for each acct?
2. Address ? Do i need to come up with unique adresses?
3. Email obviously have to be new for each one of them.
4. Do i have to change my ip when i log in to different Paypal accts?
Thanks in advance
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Old 12-29-2009
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Don't worry about bugging us for answers. If there's anything not correct, then it gives you a chance to fix the problem before anything nasty happens. Welcome to the forum by the way.

This is a blanket answer to your last post. If you don't get what I mean, then ask again.
OK, you decide to make an ebay/paypal account. Names and address must match. To be successful you need access to the address. (reasons explained later). Your checking account name can be different from ebay/paypal names. That is not such a good idea,however. Where possible you should have a variation of your name: eg John Smith could be Johnny Boy Smith....variations etc.
The next step is to understand that these ebay/paypal accounts are a little family. This little family lives on one part of the computer (user account). These don't mix with other little families. They stay apart: so yep, you sign into a different IP when using accounts.
I hope this helps and please feel free to pm me
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