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ebayhateluv 02-07-2008 10:38 PM

**ABUSING EBAY*** WHY??? Here's One....
HI- This information comes from not just a 1 wk or 2 wk experiment, but from over 5 months + 40 + accts lost...

I was able to eliminate--everything..i.e.

photos,phones,locales,using auctiva, gift cards, ip ranges, states, items, user ids, email address prefix, I searched and searched ..loosing accts on Purpose to figure this out..

** Tonight at 7Pm, this verified for certain...Lost another acct--other 2 accts on same ip still up.. this was the ONLY acct i did this on this time...
This was also verified through another member..

--The "ABUSING" I've been getting.. Has been coming from:
a.) Going into Buyer Requirements--Blocking Buyers from bidding....
** This has Also- been verified by me going back through all accts Suspended for this reason for the last 5-6 months.. All of them Share now ONLY 1 thing.... Blocking Buyers.....

(I was doing this as I had a very nasty competitor kept showing up as a newbie--neg me at auctions end, and kept following me around for months..)--so i just set up accts with this BLock..I guess they do not allow this on New accts with -0- fb..This is the MANUAL BLOCK..not the one chosen for you on new listings if wanted..... Just a Warning..

k1ley4evr 02-07-2008 10:44 PM

uh oh i just setted one earlier.

Jonas 02-08-2008 07:57 AM

Is it all buyer requirements or just preventing people with low feedback from bidding?

ebayhateluv 02-08-2008 08:09 AM

HI, JOnas-- Im not sure, but afraid to waste another acct on all this (garbage)--its so insane...
--They say they are Increasing the number of blocked buyers with the new fb that we can store??? Contradictory..
_- Anyhow, what I did exactly was-

a.) manually added 1 guys user name to block bidder list (thats the only name on this acct + his name was NOT on 1/2 of the others, but i did have some with 5-10 names, and some with -0- names, i think the trigger is below...
b.) in buyer pref-- i choose- with 2 strikes last 30 dys + fb less than -2, then if they are buying "1" of my items, then fb less than "5".. also have had it at 4 + 3 though..

Basically- I wanted to completely BLOCK anyone with fb less than 3,4, or 5...any probs ive ever had on ebay with buyers have fallen into this category..

ebayisanecessaryevil 02-08-2008 12:33 PM

I have a sizable list of a-holes that go into my blocked bidder list with every name. I plug it in the first day I list stuff. The last time I did this was in January and I haven't received any abusing ebay suspensions(YET) Once in a while I get emails from people who are blocked wanting to know why they can't bid and I just play dumb and say it's buyer blocks in seller preferences.

What could be the problem is that when the jerkoffs who are stalking you try to bid and they are blocked, they get both brain cells in their heads in motion and think- now who would be blocking me from bidding? A-HA- Ebayhateluv, so this must be their new name- so I'm going to report him/her!

ebayhateluv 02-08-2008 09:07 PM

HI- Yes, Ive thought that..But- I random out the goods so much, almost impossible.. throw in a couple accts getting ready for sale ..selling the first item that comes up on the home page of amazon as featured.. etc. so random..couldnt be that
>>MUSt be the settings blocking everyone under 5 fb...

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