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UK eBay Suspensions General issues related to UK eBay suspensions

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Old 01-20-2011
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Default A Few Questions From A New Member - Please Help

Hi all, my name is Jonathan and I have been using eBay UK since its launch in 1999, I really hope you can help me out with a few questions.

I purchased eBay Stealth this week and have been reading through it.

Background Info...

I was recently suspended from eBay UK, due to an increase in low DSR's from a few customers who had not read my descriptions correctly and left low ratings against me because of this, and also because of a removed listings I had about 6 months ago, they decided to pull me up on it now!. They also permanently limited the PayPal account I had used with eBay (and which I had open over 10 years and had done over 100,000 worth of business through).

Both the eBay and PayPal accounts were in my name and address and bank account.

I have read through your guide and also have been on the support forum but can't seem to find an answer to my questions below, so i thought I would drop you an email about this, I hope this is ok and you can help.

My Current Situation...

Now I am in no hurry to get back on eBay as i have a Website that pays my bills, and I also have 2 other eBay accounts and another PayPal account which they did not suspend and are still open now.

The PayPal account is linked to my Website and i use that to take payments from there, it is in my email, name, address and phone, and has a different bank and card attached which verifies it to my address.

Preparations & Account Changes....

I thought that rather than setup new eBay Accounts as I already had two account that I could use and after reading eBay Stealth, I cleared my cache, history, cookies and changed my IP address.

Then with the new IP address

I setup 2 new email addresses with Gmail.

I then logged into my 2 open eBay accounts and changed the emails to the new email addresses I created, both in my father's name.

I also changed the name and address on both eBay accounts to my father's details which I have ID for if required (I have a copy of his driver's licence, bank statement and utility statement)

I also changed the phone number to a pay as you go mobile phone which I have access to should they ring.

Then I opened a new PayPal account in his name and put his name and address on the account and used the same phone number as above and used a separate email address for taking payments.

I have added his bank account which I am just waiting to verify this week with the new PayPal account so that will be verified to his address and will be able to take payments from eBay.

I will then use this as stepping stone account, in which any money I receive from eBay I will then send to my own PayPal account that is not limited as a gift and then withdraw to my joint account from my own account.

One of the eBay accounts has over 3500 feedback as this was my main account years ago, and the other has about 150 feedback.

Both are many years old and are in good standing with eBay.

My Questions...

1.) Have I Done Enough to use eBay Again?

My first question is have I done enough with all of the above to be ok with using the other eBay account I have with 3500 that I have now changed the name/address/phone etc from my name to my dad's name from a totally new IP, and then I will connect that to his new PayPal address, just to receive eBay payments to. I won't withdraw any cash from it but just use it to send money to myself as a gift.

2.) Using PayPal Stepping Stone Account

If I do this at what stage will PayPal ask for further verification to lift limits, what's the maximum I could send as a gift to my other account without them being suspicious. I will put mortgage money in the gift message, so obviously it will just look like my father is sending me money from his account for our mortgage which we have together.

3.) Paying Outstanding eBay Seller Fees on Suspended Account

I have not logged into either my old eBay or PayPal accounts since they were suspended, however eBay say I now owe them 200, but as they limited my PayPal account the agreement was terminated and they have not been able to collect my seller fees for last month. How do I solve this. Do I log into my eBay account from a new PC/IP and then make a one off payment via bank transfer from my own account already on file with that account?

4.) Reusing Turbo Lister Listings

I changed my IP address, then backed up my 1600 listings in Turbo Lister, uninstalled Turbo Lister and user account

I have created a new User Account on my PC and will install Turbo Lister again after I have setup my new eBay Store, then import the database with my listings in again into the other account, with the same store setup, and then go about changing the titles and pictures etc. I have been told to only list in small batches in small quantities.

Do I also need to change the HTML descriptions as well as the pictures, quantities, shipping and titles, or so you think I will be ok.

I had all my listings professionally designed by eSeller Solutions just before eBay decided to suspend my account, a service which I had paid a lot of money for, so want to be able to reuse all their pro listings again.

5.) Reusing eBay Store & About me Pages

They also did all my About Me Page and eBay Store Pages, am I going to be able to just get them to reuse the old store pages they designed for the suspended account on the new account, do eBay check this?

If you answer those questions that would be very helpful, as I want to make sure I do everything correctly before attempting to go back on eBay to start selling again using my listings, with the new PayPal account.

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Old 01-20-2011
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Well-written post.

My first recommendation is that, for your website which seems to sustain your cashflow, I would recommend having auxiliary payment processors in place IN CASE you have problems with pa yp al.

Reading through your set-up, while I don't recommend using family info - seems like you are set with this so as long as your father knows about this. Sending money from one pp account to another is dangerous - I would honestly recommend getting a different payment acceptance server that will take money from pp, unless you can attach a new bank to the account.

1. Even though you have changed info, be aware that pp retains ALL info. Therefore, I would really recommend making brand new fresh accounts in case this goes into limitation and asks for ALL info.

2. There is no set amount and therein lies the problem with relying COMPLETELY on pa yp al. Few small xfers might go through but you are gambling with each transaction.

3. If you owe money and your old account is on your real info, best to pay it off. Now you may NOT be auto-reinstated but it has happened - use your old IP and cookie-account - pay it and never log in again unless you are reinstated.

4. I know virtually nothing about Turbo lister so my comments = nul - sorry.

5. Do NOT reuse old stuff from a suspended account. That can cause you huge problems now if not later.

All the best - look forward to your positive contributions.
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