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george123 12-28-2016 02:36 PM

Lucid Listing Software For Mac
Just thought I would write a quick review for this listing software called Lucid Auction Lister Software for MAC (As far as I know its only for MAC and not Windows/Linux)
Before I start I have no affiliation to the software or the developer. I am simply writing this to help others who may be looking for other alternatives for listing software that is available for Mac to use offline.

I have used GarageSale and iSale with my accounts and was trying to vary up the use of different software to appear more stealthy.

How to buy:
I bought this for 7.99 off itunes and is pretty quick to download as the program is quite small. If your VCC doesnt work on itunes then you can buy a giftcard and use that instead.

Its Cheap
Its Offline so you don't need to be connected to the internet all the time whilst listing/editing listings.
I find it much quicker to use than listing each individual listing like you do directly on the eBay website
Can download orders and order details from eBay

This program is good for a small number on items on a stealth account in my opinion however if you are going for many listings or high turnover of stock then this probably wont suit as there are some niggles I think would need changing to make this much better that will frustrate many if you had to list say 50 per day.

There is no drag and drop interface for listing templates (can be annoying if having to make 50-60 listings)

There are no Html templates on the software to make your listings look nice (html code can be copy and pasted into the box to make a template buy that will need to be made separately)

When dragging and dropping photos you need to drag and drop every individual photo rather than drag 5 at a time like in GarageSale or iSale.

Stealth uses:
This software does require an eBay token so I am not sure it can be used safely with multiple stealths (I use VMWare with many different OS so cannot tell if it would be safe with other accounts but from what I have read I am assuming not as an eBay token is required. Correct me if I am wrong.)

I think it helps you look more stealthy if you are using different types of software as well as different OS on VMWare but many will say this is over kill.
In my opinion better safe than sorry and helps me sleep easier.

I have not tried without recording IP address so that it is safe to use however the software is offline so you only really need to download the product categories once (using a fresh/unused IP) and then you can do all the work offline until you need to upload.

Not the most in depth review I know but gives some a little insight into what its like. Its quick to upload products and a fairly user friendly interface that doesnt require a computer wizard to use. Have used a few times for uploading. I have not used it for messages as of yet but have been able to download order details from the software which is great

Pretty cheap software that is fairly easy to use and fairly user friendly for a small scale account/seller but could do with some improvements to make it as user friendly as GarageSale.

Hope this helps some out just a little bit as I couldn't see any other reviews on here about this listing software for MAC.

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