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  1. I put the CryptoCurrency forum under Investing
  2. We created a new Tron Dapp
  3. Citing ‘massive risks,’ House Democrats ask Facebook to halt its cryptocurrency plans
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  13. How anonymous is the monero cryptocurrency?
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  16. coinomi wallet
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  19. banking in london
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  28. is there a localbitcoins equivilent for buying Monero, DASH, ZCASH?
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  38. Beautiful correction!
  39. Bytecoin BCN warning don't try price arbritrage
  40. Breaking News: Doug Polk Bets Ton Vays 10k BTC Will Not See 6k
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  42. R.I.P. CryptoCurrency Section
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  50. Intensecoin-privacy coin
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  60. Good read on something called Bitcoin Misery Index
  61. Trash YouTube, D.tube is here
  62. Nano Coin - The REAL CryptoCurrency
  63. ERC20 Wallets (Apps, Web or Desktops)
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  68. cryptocurrency exchange market
  69. Any sellers of Crypto on here...?
  70. Bitcoin mining Queastion is Using NiceHash Miner 2 best way?
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  81. Paycent Debit Cards - withdraw funds at the ATM
  82. North American Bitcoin Conference LIVE Right now at 9:30AM
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  86. Bitcoin Sentiment
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  93. Alt Coins Exchanges?
  94. Cryptocurrency | Alt Coins | What's next?
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  96. WAVE Crest alternatives?
  97. making money trading/holding alt coins
  98. Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA engineered psyop to roll out one-world digita
  99. VISA disables wavescrest cards overnight
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