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Old 03-25-2008
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Talking Salutations from Avon of the Star Ship Liberator!

Gday from Australia

Yes I’ve had my fair share of problems with Ebay over the last few years but mainly minor stuff. You know, having listings pulled and warning emails etc usually for some minor or completely confusing reason that im supposed to work out by myself after receiving one of their ‘contraband info messages’ that comes with the pulling describing several possible things the ad I’ve listed might be infringing apon(Geeeerrrrr!!!).

I’ve also received one complete suspension when I set up another account in a different country from the Australia. Not for illegal reasons mind ,not to rip off customers or anything like that, but simply to try and sell things that are for some reason not allowed to be sold on, unlike with the rest of the world where its ok to sell these items. Things I’m interested in, like rare aquarium fish , insect eggs and plant seeds etc but not on, no way. For some unknown reason there is a complete blanket ban on it.
Not fair I want to play too! :(
Interestingly my original account I had the listings pulled on didn’t get suspended at all and I waited in frightened anticipation for weeks after the suspension fully expecting to loss that account too but it never did get suspended so I guess im really lucky there.

Id like to congratulate every one here for a great forum with lots of info and its very helpful for the newbie fresh to the suffering and woes of the ebay experience.
I really like the renegade feel that has been created here.
Especially with the use of Matrix and Dracula avatars and other famous anti-heroes. I like the idea of rallying against a self righteous, self promoting authority. You guys being the rascally bunch who stand cloaked in the shadows and move within the walls of the system rather than the designated pedestrian pathways, who remain elusive to the powers that be and confound them at every attempt they try at stopping you. Hurray!!!
I’m half expecting some body to step out of the wall right now and offer me the choice between a blue or a red pill. LOL
I see here a kind of rage against the machine an awareness of the matrix if you will, that is beginning to rule our lives. This comparison becomes very obvious especially if you depend on Ebay to make your living. It is a little scary to see an entity as big as Ebay ruling its created cyberspace environ like it does, that it is able to grow unchecked and in many cases and with complete impunity to the consumer rights or regulations of the countries it works over, not bound by “international laws or borders ” and with complete dominion over the cyber world it has created it rules supreme, satisfying its own interests and with very little regard for the rights and freedoms of the voiceless minions that in their own attempt to etch a small living, work the money mine for their master “Ebay”

Well I guess we should also face it, we want to make some money too, right? and we benefit from ebay being there in the first place this isn’t a completely want to destroy ebay kind of operation. So there is a self serving element to the whole group as well which is totally fair and reasonable given that our first and foremost interest is selling and living well if that is possible through ebay winnings and our knowledge that ebay never shares their reasons for account cancellations preferring to keep the victim shrouded in bewildering mystery and a loss of income that can be very devastating.
For this reason I’m going to choose one of my favourite anti-hero characters of all time for my avatar. He’s from the 1970S BBC television series ‘Blake’s 7’ and his name is Avon.
The article about Kerr Avon on wikipedia describes this character better than I can.
A native of Earth, Avon is a highly intelligent, aloof and sardonic computer expert found guilty of an attempt to embezzle five hundred million credits from the Terran Federation banking system. First seen as a prisoner aboard the London, a cargo vessel transporting a group of convicted criminals to the penal colony on the planet Cygnus Alpha, he assists Blake in his abortive attempted mutiny on the journey, using his skills to take over the ship's computer. He subsequently boards the Liberator along with Blake and Jenna, and becomes a member of the original "seven."
Utterly self-serving, he has nothing but scorn for Blake's idealism(blake is a freedom fighter and wants to completely destroy the federation avon does not he wants to use it to get rich), and their relationship is consequently somewhat strained. Despite this attitude, he single-handedly saved all of the crew's lives, including Blake, on several occasions.

Avon to me is the ultimate computer geek/anti-hero and that’s why I think he’s so cool . The authors of Blakes 7, were well ahead of their time. In their stories they predicted computers being powerful and helping the “federation” to rule the galaxy and control the human race. Avon and the gang, hiding out in a the back waters of space and using their intricate knowledge of computers and stolen super fast ships to evade the federation at every attempt in capturing or destroying them some how has very real comparison (in a comical way at the very least) to this forum.
Any way all the people on earth(the new ebay customers that log on every day) are drugged of course and mindlessly go about their simple lives blissfully unaware that they are in complete servitude to the federation. They actually think the federation is a good and democratic entity and they are happy. Do you see the similarity to ebay here? They “the earth inhabitants” are the millions of customers and newbie sellers who are signing on every day to join into the excitement of getting cheap deals blissfully unaware of the heart pain they may soon experience. They are those who haven’t been stung yet but they will in some way or another with Ebay its just an inevitability. In Black’s 7 its Blake’s moral fight to save them by destroying the federation. Any way im not that interested in saving everybody from ebay or destroying it so im not really a Blake type character LOL
But I see my self as an Avon type. A character who is anti authoritarian and in it for himself first and foremost, after the first instinct is satisfied, yes, I defiantly have it in me to save others etc.
I don’t know why I just wrote this,
I guess only because this forum really does insight that feeling in me about you guys “a bunch of freedom fighters who’ve banded together for mutal survival perhaps”. I thought this subject may also be a little light relief as the majority of subjects on here are serious (understandably) and many people come here really suffering and angry about something Ebay has done such as a suspension. So I though it would be cool to have a subject like this and draw a comparison to a favourite anti-hero the federation and ebay.

Ok Signing off from an unknown position in cyberspace


Star ship Liberator
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