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Old 08-15-2013
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Default Using a Joint Bank Account with Friend's Name, Address, and Ebay/PayPal Account?

Hi, I just ordered eBay Stealth and have been reading these forums this last week since my account had a selling restriction placed indefintely a week ago.

While I go about creating a stealth account, in the mean time I've had my friend sell my items for me- and I've made sure there is no possible links between us. I do not log into my friend's account unless using her computer or a different computer and IP address then my own (though I am aware I could use my computer to log in as long as the IP address is different and all cookies and possible links to my suspended Ebay and still usable but limited PayPal account have been removed.)

I have a second business bank account that I do not use for Ebay or PayPal. It is linked to my primary bank account directly, but not Ebay or PayPal. They do not have any information on this account. I can log in online through the bank website and transfer funds between these two accounts since they are linked through my bank. Again- Ebay and PayPal have no information that this account exists, and I have never used it for Ebay or PayPal.

I would like to add my friend onto this business bank account (as a joint account) so that I can control the funds and have easy access to them. The bank tells me that I can add them onto the account. I can also have it so the account information itself has their name and address on it- this way if they use it for Ebay and PayPal it won't link us- it will have their name and address on it, not mine. To my knowledge, when they update their bank account info on PayPal and EBay they just need the number and their name and address on it to verify. And their Ebay and PayPal account is not new, has a decent sells history, and no expected limitations. They simply would be changing their bank account info.

My question is- would it be safe to use this account for PayPal and Ebay or is it too risky? To my knowledge, there is no way Ebay or PayPal could link it to me if the address and name is different then my suspended account, even if it's a joint account, and it seems that I will not need to have any of my information involved since they can use their name and address for this account when they update their bank account info on PayPal and Ebay.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping a Stealth newbie!
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Old 08-16-2013
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this wont end well.
i would not share ebay or bank accounts with anyone.
take the slow road and build your stealth accounts.
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Old 08-16-2013
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When you add a bank account to Paypal...Paypal does not see the name, address associated to that specific account. What you need to remember is that you should only use bank accounts that have not been used before...and that the bank will accept deposits in any Name other than the name on the actual account.

From what you have said so really just sounds like it's more complicated than it should.

Open how ever many bank accounts you need without having others involved, this way it just stays simple.
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Old 08-16-2013
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You stated you just picked up the stealth guide.

My advice is to go through the guide, jot down any questions you may have and then read the guide again. If you do not find the answer then go through the forum to get your answers.

@MM pretty much answered your question about bank accounts, but you have to learn stealth by studying and reading.

Good Luck
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Old 08-16-2013
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Welcome to the forum, Hope you enjoy your journey here

Your ebay account 'may' be fine, but you cannot use it again with a new paypal account, as when you add the two together again it will become suspended.

Adding your friend onto your business account is not such a good idea.
If you fall out etc.. they have signature rights to your money.
They can go into the bank you are with and request everything in the account.
Also if you end owing money on the business or business bank account, your friend becomes liable to.

Rather do what MM78 said and open a few bank accounts, the banks do not share information with paypal. So you could have ANY name you fancied on the account and it would be fine.

If you know that you need a new IP, Windows User Account and doctored details, why not give it a try yourself? That way you do not have to rely on your friend. As bad things that can happen will put a strain on your friendship.
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Old 08-16-2013
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Why cant you just get your bank account going? Not worth playing with friend`s bank and such...what happens if he needs cash in a crunch? ...Yeah, your funds will be his.

All the best as you read around and learn stealth.
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Old 08-16-2013
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Having your own bank account is less of a hassle and safer in many ways.
Best of luck and I do advise that you do search the forum and read the stealth guide for better stealth plans.
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