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Old 03-28-2008
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Thumbs up >> WHAT have You Learned on this Forum??--Please Share <<

What Have You Learned while here at Aspkins??
Please Share...
>> By the way- Ive recd so many pms from members, new and old, with such sad stories about how ebay threw them to the wolves,
and some folks just seem ready to give up.. so lets all share here... )

Well, I can tell you folks honestly, I didnt even know what an i.p. stood
for, and when i read all these fancy terms,, addy, ip, mac, etc..
I "thought" i was doomed..

Here, I was a housewife, with a nice 2nd income, then left flat out to dry by
Ebay, after Many, Many years...Enough stock to fill a Small Store, and no where
to sell it...

When I first came here last summer, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown..
My mom had given me her nerve pills, I was torn apart by what happened, after
countless hours, building my Ebay stores, then POOF,,, its all gone,,,

Then, to receive letters from Customers, after they received Ebay Loss Prevention
emails--very, Very Embarassing...

Dont get me wrong, my husband makes a nice living, he pays the bills, and we can generally go
on 1 vacation /year with "his" salary... BUT..with my Income, its 3 vacations, kids get whatever they want,
Cable boxes in every childs room, dance classes, Karate Classes, Baseball Camp hosted by the Players
themselves, Piano Practice, and there was never a thing as a "credit card payments", as if I had $1900 due
for the month, I'd send them $3000, anticipating what I'd spend, so I just rounded it off...

So, what was I gonna tell my kids? Mommy was now a failure-she was Fired!

It was REALLY,REALLY Embarassing.. For years, all I was taught at Ebay was Sell.
List, and Sell.... thats it... No Courses on Ip's, Virtual addresses, nothing...

So- I was out in the dark... NOW.... 6 months later,,

--I can create accts on the fly, I can change my own i.p. address, I can even take photos from my
desktop, and make them appear in a message here on the boards...

THE POIINT... I am trying to make is... If "I" can DO IT--so can you! I am in no way embarassed to \
share this with all of you, as I consider you all my friends/ penpals...

I am now back to close to the $1,000/day in sales I was used to.. BUT.. its not 2-3 hrs work anymore--
its sometimes, 12-15 hrs/day.. BUT.. this is what "I" want..

NONE of this would be possible if it were not fro this forum,, Aspkins guides, the new stealth guide,
and the messages I read each and every day on here....
>> Perserveer...Be Strong, and DONT be afraid to ask Questions..
Always.. Be the BEST you can Be, at Whatever you do! Be Part of the Solution, rather than Part of the Problem.
The complete step-by-step guide to get back to selling today!

Old 03-28-2008
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I have learned so much from this forum but the number 1 thing...mostly in concept is patience, patience & more patience.

Everyone's knee-jerk reaction (including myself) is to get back on w/EB as quickly as possible and list/sell, list/sell. The honest truth is the more I did that, the more accounts were suspended and the waste of time was immeasurable.

You must have a plan. Write it down...use Excel...use a legal-pad & keep next to PC. What is my username, what is first & last name I am going to use, with address & proper zip. Do I need a phone #. What bank account haven't I used yet Take 5-min. & run to nearest Staples and/or Waldbaums & purchase a few gift cards. It all has to match-up. For me, I really had to get the concept of how to reinvent myself; you literally need to create a new person.

The first account that I put up on EB, I actually had a Word doc. that I was referring to that went something like 1 - pp & eb names have to match w/addresses...no REAL info. unless you can find a dear-soul to give-up their ss# 2 - bank info. must be real, try ING. 3 - Do email first...use gmail, etc. 4 - purchase gift cards 5 - download firefox etc. etc.

Personally, I face only 2 obstacles right now. 1 - It seems most (all-right...maybe all) of my stock has trademark/VeRO problems and 2 - the IP thing is giving me headaches.
Old 03-28-2008
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I do not know how anyone can ever top ebayhateluvs stories.

In all honesty I like EHL was going like gangbusters on ebay, has anything and everything we would ever want and more. I was working a well paid full time job and my wife I I had an ebay business that he post office supervisor told us once we might as well rent an office at the post office. We were directed to take our van loads of boxes to the back loading dock because we shipped between 50-100 boxes per day every day, We were raking in tons of money and had everything going too smooth I guess. We never relaxed a bit, we keep on and worked until the late night sometimes when I had to be at work at 7 am.
With two young kids and a new house, we build a 24 x 40 buidling just to stock the ebay items, list from and of course a playroom for the baby so we could seperate the house from the business.
Then... A drunk driver hit me and my wife going 90 mph late at night coming back from a trade show and about killed us both. My inquiries were broke bones all over my body, my spine and neck were nearly destroyed, broken wrist, colorbones, a broken nose and internal bleeding, I was life flighted 50 miles away to a hospital while my wife was taken to a local hospital for broken arm, wrist, colorbone and one ankle. There is nothing like not knowing how you wife is doing when you are in a copter flying and that is all I could think of. I asked the lady to make a call to see if my wife was ok and they couldnt get through.
Little did I know that I had more severe problems then were recorded at the wreck.
After many major surgerys, bone replacements with metal, spinal work, therapy and months in and out of the hospital my employer told my wife that if he cannot come back to work soon he would have to be replaced. My wife carrying for herself and me with two young kids had it very rough, she let ebay go and didnt have time to take care of it on her own. With some help they were able to get some of it done but still had monthly fees and items not shipped because of the wreck and problems caused. My wife sent ebay and an assistance all the docs and information of what had happen and paid our entire bill in full. She shipped everyones items and was clear to go.
Then all heck broke loose, my hosital stay, my surgerys, my doctors and more surgerys scheduled had already exceed my yearly alloted amount to be paid by my insurance. So we decided to clean out or savings and pay for the medical and continue to house and business.
The wife being a trooper with cast and all started selling again to get back some of the money we has lost with the medical and with my sick pay not being much she had to make up for that too.
Just when things were going good on ebay and I was back home in bed awating a pelvis surgery ebay sent the ol might letter that we have been suspended for rules violations and other issues.
30k in feedback with I think 21 negaitives in 8 years we never had a single issue that wasnt handled and wham, we were goners.
Couldnt ever get them to give back our account after months of working on it so we just gave up.
My jobs was then gone, the sick pay didnt the bills and we had just bought a beach house in south carolina before all this happen.
If ebay hadnt pulled the plug on us like they did with no explanation, we would have been fine, the sales and profit exceeded anything close to what we would ever need until I was able to get back on my feet.
Well, has not happened, two many surguries to many damaged bones and my spine is never going to get any better.
We got nothing from the wreck, the bum had no insurance a 6 time dui criminal with no money, no job and a total loser did this to us.
We had to sell our condo, sell our house, our vans and truck and start almost all over again.
So we sold some things from a friends account for a while until they of course got greedy and started going behind our back and selling the same items we had and that didnt last long at all. They saw the huge profits we were making and got greedy.
So, in 2003 I created a ⊗⊗⊗⊗ and safe account just as a back up if I need it, long before more people know this could be done. I never used it as a seller account because I didnt want to draw any attention to it,
Like EHL we had a building for of stock and no place to sell it.
We gave up, my medical bills were mounting and my wife has a huge job of taking care of two young kids, me and paying bills.
We moved and after a year or so cleaned out the rest of my 401k and saving and decided there has to be a better way. My wife said we had the world by the butt with ebay, money was coming in faster then we could make out deposit slips for. So we had to find a way to get this again.
In 2005 we did, we created another ghost account and started selling like crazy, I seen my wife mile for the first time in a long time because she could pay the bills, send me for my neck surgery I need and make sure my kids had what they needed, 6 months of crazy selling and then the dreaded ebay email. You have been suspended for violation of ebay policies. One of our former buyers had turned us in because they said we packed an item the same way we used to and left we had left an inventory sticker on the item and he saw it and turned us in, so again we were goners.
I found this board and begain wondering. I take allot of pain pills at time during my spinal epiderals and when I go to therapy as I had to learn to walk again with my left ankle that had to be reconstructed so I was in and out of it for a while.
But this board gave me hope, I had already created two ghost account before most anyone knew it could be done but didnt have the foregsight that soon would become the way to go.

This board gave me hope that with allot of reading and note taking it could be done. So I created a third account and was selling like crazy again from Jan 07 to June 07 and again an email saying we were gone because of ebay violations. No explanation, no reason nothing. So I found this board and started all over again doing well from July to Dec ( Ebay is famous for cutting us off in Dec ), this time they said that we had already been suspended previously and could no longer use ebay. How they knew is beyond, we changed up everything. Had to be a buyer turning us in I would guess.
So I came back to the board again and so far in 2 months of a new account we have done well, not like we were used to but it is a start.

I learned it all from this board, but what I wasnt smart enough pick up on was I had a 2003 account sitting there with 100 fb that I could have used and was afraid to use because I didnt want to lose a 5 year old account until I knew everything.

Now, with Aspkin and Modee info and a few others I started from scratch learning the ropes then along came ebayhateluv, I read her info over and over and her always positive lectures!! and decided what the heck, we need to get back to where we were before the accident and the only way to do that is with hard work and determination.

Our goal in life was to raise good kids and move to Floirda someday and be able to boat and surf and scuba dive, we worked 18-20 hour days to get the that point and it is now all gone, I cannot ever surf or scuba again with the inquiries but I can teach and pay something to teach my kids what I loved to do and watch them which would be fine.

Then I read EBL stories and realize if this woman can do all this with 9 kids and a hubby we can too. Ebayhatluv you are the untimate inspiration, you forced people to wake up and see what can be done. Your positive thoughts rub off on people. You have been a blessing to us lady, you have answered questions at 3 am in the morning and I do not now how I could ever repay you but I will someday.

So, we were planning on giving up again as the products we used to sell are not as hot as they used to be and the new item we sell are allot of work. We were planning on finding something else do to. Then I read this EBL story and now she has us all excited again. Darn you EBL !!

Sorry for the long rant, but just so people will know I may not know allot of this information but I always would help anyone who needed it as I have been given and have learned so much from this one site that I would like to repay it in someway by helping others when I can.

Come on, a buddy of mine sells arrowheads on ebay and does 10k per month part time. If he can sell arrowheads and make 5 k profits per month we can all sell items and make allot more then that.

Thanks for listening.
Old 03-28-2008
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For me, knock wood, I haven't actually been through this yet--still using an account from 2000. However, after accidentally tripping across this forum about 6 months ago when I did a generic search for ebay something or other, I found a heading reading something like "Aspkins ebay suspension guide--this is going to be fun". It interested me so I opened it and started reading it out of curiosity.

I had NEVER known or thought any of this went on. I read around this forum for a few months and then joined as a registered supporter. I just recently ordered eBay Stealth's Book--great reading!!!! See, I haven't been through it yet--except a Paypal account limitation--that was enough to almost give me a heart-attack...After reading all these people paypal and ebay has tried to destroy their lives...I expect it ANYDAY and ANYTIME--for ANY reason!!!

It all still seems like Latin to me what alot of people speak of but I take notes and save things for the day it comes my turn to need the info. Then, i'll be the real newbie asking all the obvious questions that I still can't wrap my head around. After seeing how helpful and sincere everyone is here I know I can count on them for assistance. I will someday have to crawl my way to be able to do all this fancy stuff everyone else does to have a 2nd income again as ebayhateluv--you go girl!!!

I suggest everyone who comes across the forum to join immediately and not wait until you absolutely have to!!! It's such a minor investment to have great support--pick up the Ebay Stealth Book too ASAP--both of these resources go hand in hand and are truly INVALUABLE!!!

I'm sure in the near future I will be back with a story to share as well--i'm still in the preparation stages!!!
Old 03-28-2008
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Because of this forum, and help from many good members, I have 2-seperate stealth accounts, both listing over 100 items a week, both have decent feedback, and have been using PP. The best thing is to read the info, re-read, re-read and read on here again. Be patient, build your account up slow, have backup accounts ready to go, stay under the radar and you will be fine. Don't overreact, be irrational. I just want to say thanks to those that have helped. Funny since I have been selling without problems, I log in here less and less. I just scan for new info, thanks to all that have helped.
Old 03-29-2008
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Ive learned quite alot i didnt know. i only signed up to this forum recently however have been reading it for quite a while. the main things i have learned are :

- The way paypal and eBay track,spy and link you
- The whole "red flag" system
- One of the most important would be the method of starting new accs
- Methods of avoid vero listings

+ Plenty more. If it wasnt for the information on this forum i wouldnt be on eBay at the moment.
Old 03-29-2008
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You know I have been thinking about this and really come up with this.

I have learned that no matter how many times big bad ebay stomps, kick or hurts you, you can just get back up and stomp them right back and go on.
Never missing a beat.

They have turned us into what they are, but we are much better !!!

Great stories folks. Love to read the smiles on your faces.
Old 03-30-2008
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Default Aspkin is great...

the book is great. The board is great. I learned the hard way though, you have to read the board weekly. I followed Aspkin's directions to a tee a year ago and had all my account sussended recently. When i came here to find out why, I was told, it doesn't work that way anymore.

So keeping up to date is important. So keep on checking the forum.
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