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Old 05-16-2008
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Default Introduction to myself sound familiar to anyone?

Ok I thought I knew it all about Ebay. Where I am from I am the man when it comes to Ebay. This forum has taught me more things I did not know and would like to thank Apskin For such a great site.

I have had 1000's of ebay accts and all are gone! Which is crazy as I have a part time business going into peoples homes and assisting others setting up there accts and help them with a strategy to successful selling.

In my newspaper ad I claim to be a powerseller which I have been and should be! most the time I am suspended while I am helping these people and they want to know "whats your user ID? and I always tell them something dumb or have them look at accts that are not mine.

Well beleive it or not but I was the guy that single handedly burnt up them green dot cards and PP some of you will recall the ach direct deposit # you would get with an acct # so you can add to paypal then all of a sudden they would restrict you as soon as you added the # to your PP acct. (like the new ING thing)

Well that was because of me. I wont elaborate on it but if you'd like to know how I killed it let me know and I will give details.

I am one of Paypals worst nightmares I owe them lots of money. I have had to disconnect every phone I have had because IC systems kept calling over and over. (most of you I am sure are familiar with IC systems)

I have had several friends and family members open Ebay accts and left them stuck with IC system calls and suspended accts. Most of them probably beleive it's my fault which 99.9% of the time it is not!

I really wish someone would give ebay some competition but it is really seeming unlikely.

I am really a good person and ebay and paypal have made me look like a scam artist! I have had investigations done by the postal inspectors. I have had several police interviews due to non-shipment as paypal held money and I did not ship!

I have had my home Raided twice over Ebay B/S (I don't work but have a expensive home, Car, and almost every emenity I desire) With just a high school education. Therefore I am looking pretty suspicious!

Anyone else with similar issues because of paypal/ebay?

I keep screen shots etc just in case. Like the ones where you get a question once you are suspended and you go to respond to the buyer and it say's you can not do this because your status.

And when you try and refund payments in paypal with a limited acct and it says transaction blocked. atleast if they ever try and take you to court you have some proof.

I guess what I am asking here is does anyone else here feel like a scam artist all because of ebay/Paypal?

Registering phony names over and over. I beleive that constitutes as fraud but what else can you do? It's all ebay and paypals fault I am in this bind.

I have quit asking people to open me accts because they often feel I am a scam artist because of B/s they have heard about me losing my accts and other peoples. My father has the same name as me and he has received quite a few calls from ebay users that found the number online saying he scammed them and there calling the police.

And he always call's "I don't know what you are doing but you need to stop" I am doing nothing wrong! But no one ever beleives that!

I guess it's my fault because I wont leave ebay alone. But I have made at least 100-200K on Ebay in the past few years. I am addicted!

Sound familiar anyone?

Please excuse my lack of sentencing, paragraphing and grammer skills. (I am actually very smart just not a publisher) My Lawyer can verify that!

Last edited by GreenBean; 05-16-2008 at 05:20 AM.
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Old 05-16-2008
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Sorry but I think your post is hogwash. Most of us here are not so gullible.
Ever look at someone and think WhyTF has no one hit you with a shovel yet?

Last edited by GreenBean; 05-16-2008 at 05:28 AM.
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Old 05-16-2008
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Interesting story...

Scam artist? Only if you're scamming someone... I don't scam people. It's bad karma.
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Old 05-16-2008
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my ebay story is quite similar to yours actually... i use to run a ebay store making 1-2K a week. i get banned by a competitor reporting, then never get to sell on ebay again.

and yes i know what you feel like.... a scammer. just because of all the account i have gotten suspended trying to get on.. my mother, 2 sisters, brother, brother's friend, and 2 of my friend's ebay accounts are ALL banned because of the linking to my original account after i bought all of their accounts off them and tried selling again.

i too do hope one day google auctions will rise and take over ebay.... i would burn the ebay HQ if i cud.
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Old 05-18-2008
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LOL this story, my views are kinda with greenbean on this one.
im sure your very smart, but you aint got nothing on Judge Judy
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