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eBay Suspensions General issues related to eBay Suspensions. Mostly geared towards

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Old 02-18-2007
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Lightbulb The eBay Suspensions Guide - How To Get Back On eBay!

This is my final eBay suspension guide. You can find the original post here for more comments on the guide. If you have any questions, create a new thread on this forum and we'll be happy to help. If you're experienced with eBay suspensions or eBay in general, by all means join the discussion so that we can all learn from each other. As new information is presented, the guide will be updated.

The Guide:

Final eBay Suspension / Suspended Account Guide

I've thus far written two eBay suspension guides on how to create a new eBay account after being suspended; both have had great success, so this will be my final guide with all the details, strategies and facts I've gained about eBay suspensions.

What happens when you become suspended by eBay? You lose all your auctions; your eBay fees are immediately due; your IP address, credit card number, website URL, email address, physical address, phone number and any other information you have giving eBay will now and always be used to recognize you as a suspended user. If you try to create a new account with any of this information, you'll immediately be flagged as a suspended user and any new account you create will be suspended. So your goal in creating a new eBay account is to become someone else.

There are a few steps to take in order to create a new account. These steps are easy compared to the traps you don't want to trip to keep your account active. The steps to create a new account must be followed exactly in this order without missing a step. If you miss a step, try to take a short cut, or feel you know a better way, you run the risk of eBay detecting who you are and losing your account. Remember this is the easy part.

The steps that need to be taken to create a new account after you are suspended are in this order:

1. Delete your browser cookies and saved passwords
2. Uninstall any eBay software i.e. Turbo Lister
3. Change your IP address
4. Create a new email address from Gmail or Yahoo
5. Add that new email to your Paypal account
6. Create a new eBay account with the Gmail or Yahoo email
7. Create a seller account with a new Credit Card and Bank Info

Remember you goal is to change every aspect of your account to fool eBay into thinking you're someone else. Any information that can be tracked back to you will trigger a suspension. There are many ways to mess this up. I'll try to explain the above list in more details and show you what eBay does to try to link your accounts together and ultimately suspending you.

1. Delete your browser cookies and saved passwords -
- The reason to delete your browser cookies and saved passwords is because eBay leaves cookies on your PC with your eBay username and password and certain browsers sometimes auto log you in. If you log into your new eBay account without deleting your old eBay account cookies, eBay will read those cookies and see that you are the suspended user. Once that happens your new account will be linked to your old account and suspended.

2. Uninstall any eBay software i.e. Turbo Lister -
- The reason to uninstall Turbo Lister is because just like an internet browser, this software will sometimes automatically try to log you in to eBay. If you try to use this software after you create a new eBay account and it auto logs you into a suspended eBay account. Any new eBay account you've created will suspended as well. In order to reinstall Turbo Lister and use it without any problem, you'll need to install it in a new directory; doing this will make sure you won't use any previous databases or information from the previous Turbo Lister. Your CSV files are okay to use.

3. Change your IP address -
- Your IP address is the easiest way eBay can track who you are and even where you're from. So changing your IP address before you create a new account should be your main concern. Changing your IP address is fairly simple depending on how you connect to the internet. I've had a ton of questions on how to change an IP address on my last two articles, so I'll try to explain a little better.

Depending on what type of ISP you have, there are a few ways to change your IP address. First if you are using dial up, don't even worry about trying to change your IP address. Every time you connect to the internet your IP address is different.

Cable modems stay the same until you reset your modem. Simply unplug the power source for 30-60 seconds and plug it back in. If that doesn't work try this: Go to Start >> Run >> type in "cmd", a black prompt screen will pop up. Type in "ipconfig /release", without quotes; this will release you current IP address. Once this is done unplug your modem's power source, wait a couple minutes and plug it back in. This only works if you are directly connected to your modem.

If your modem is connected to a router there's a little more work involved. You must reset your router to accept the new IP address from the modem. DSL modems are basically the same too. If you're still unable to reset your IP address, I recommend researching your hardware setup on how to change your IP address or try calling your ISP for help. Other options would be using a proxy service, most of them free which will hide your IP address while surfing. I've never actually tried these before but multiple users have pointed them out to me. Here are a few proxy websites: Proxify , Free Proxy , Web Proxy.

4. Create a new email address from Gmail or Yahoo -
- Once your eBay account is banned, eBay will log all your information used to create the account as suspended. If you try to create a new account with any of the same information you will be banned. This means email address too! Do not use your own domain name for your new eBay account either. I know it helps with advertising… i.e. If I were to try to create a new eBay account with after was suspended, eBay is not dumb and will link my accounts together and I will be suspended. This is not the case with widely known email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. So just make sure to use a widely known email provider for your new account and you'll be okay.

5. Add that new email to your Paypal account -
- The reason to add your newly created email address to your Paypal account is because you can't use the same email address eBay has suspended to send or accept funds from eBay. It has been logged as a suspended user's email address, and trying to accept funds to your suspended email address from eBay will cause your new eBay account to be suspended.

In other words you'll need to add your new email address you created to your Paypal account to use with your eBay account. Go to your Paypal account >> Profile >> Email and select to add a new email address. Once this is done, Paypal will send you’re a verification email so that you can verify you email address. Once verified the only thing you have to do on eBay's end is to add your paypal email address to your auctions and you're good to go. Do not select to link your eBay and Paypal accounts via 'eBay Seller Account'; this will cause your account to be suspended. It's fairly easy, don't over complicate it and you'll be okay.

6. Create a new eBay account using your new email address -
- Once your cookies and saved passwords have been deleted, Turbo Lister uninstalled (you can reinstall in a different folder), your IP address has been changed and you've created a new email address. You are ready to set up your new eBay account. Quick tip: Since you're trying to become someone else, and using your old information will have you suspended. Don't use your same name or street address. If your name is Marcus Miranda, be sure to change a few letters in your name to elude eBay. You're new name would be Marcs Mirnda. You can actually use any name you want. I use this site to find my new names. Funny Names. It's your choice, just remember never use your same name or address but be sure to keep your city and country the same. You don't want to draw unwanted attention from eBay. Trust me on this.

7. Create a seller account with a new Credit Card and Bank Information -
- If you're a seller, which I'm betting 90% of the people reading this are, you'll want to be able to sell again. This step is tricky, and requires a few more steps. For US sellers, you'll need to verify who you are before eBay gives you the keys to a new seller account. Here are the steps!

- Step One! You're giving the choice to either submit a credit card or debit card of yours, or establish proof of identity with their ID Verify, which I don't recommend. So you'll need to use a credit or debit card that has no ties to eBay in order for you to create a seller account. Fortunately you're reading this and have my vast knowledge and expertise on your side. You don't need to use any of your current credit cards if you don't want to. I found that prepaid credit cards or virtual gift accounts with either Visa or MC logos work the same and are safer to use. There are several sources to obtain prepaid credit cards or virtual gift accounts. I'm currently using which requires a Verify by Visa credit card to purchase a card. Their virtual gift cards require no SS# and are delivered by email. Search Google for prepaid credit card or gift cards, you'll have a lot of options for you. Any card which has a MC or Visa logo that you have not used before with eBay will work when creating the account.

- Step two! Once you obtain a new credit card your ready to create your seller account. When entering your credit card details your personal information should automatically be entered, your name and address. Try to use this information first when submitting your credit card, 90% of the time eBay will accept this information which should be your bogus name and address. Never use your same name or address on any eBay account; be sure you to use your same city and country for IP reasons. Once your credit card has been accepted you'll need to enter your banking information.

- Step three! Unfortunately the only way to create a seller account is to have a bank account and since 90% of the people reading this has had their bank account information black listed by eBay. Meaning if you enter your old bank account information, eBay will link your eBay accounts together and suspend you. The only other way around this is to enter false banking information. Keep your routing number the same, but change your actually account number. Simply change a few numbers and you'll be okay. Just remember to select payments to be made by your credit card.

That's it! Your only worry now is losing your account by linking to an old suspended account. This forum has a lot information on how eBay tries to link your accounts. I urge you're to read through the forums, create a account and post some feedback!


Very Important! Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and more information on specific details you're going to ask me!

- Do not host your own gallery images. Have either eBay host your images, where you upload your image to eBay or use a 3rd party image hosting website. Example if I host a gallery image from and was suspended; eBay will blacklist my domain for GALLERY images, not auction images. Meaning if I try to host a gallery image again from the, my eBay account will be linked and suspended. You can however host auction images from any domain including a suspended one without risk. I could successfully use images from in my auctions. Meaning I link directly to the images within an auction description. This has been proven over and over again. Please trust me with this. Read this again if you don't understand, at least 1/4 of the 100+ comments from my previous articles were specific to this. I hope you understand.

- The way eBay and Paypal currently work is that they do not share the same information. They work separately for the time being. That being said, you can use any name and address for your eBay account(s) without Paypal being a problem. The only thing you must worry about from paypal is your email address. Once your email address is banned from eBay, you can no longer use it to receive or send payments to eBay. Meaning you must add a new email address to your Paypal account and use this for your new eBay account. Trust me on this!

- EBay can not grab your IP address unless you actually log into your eBay account.

- The difference with a prepaid credit card and one that you apply for and have credit with is just that. I real credit card gives you credit to use for future purchases, a prepaid card is basically the same but you have to pre pay before you use the card. I recommend using a prepaid card because they're easier and faster to obtain then a regular credit card. You can use either-or when registering an account, the main difference is the credit card number its self. That's what eBay really monitors. There are other benefits when using a pre-paid credit card, but I'll let you figure that one out on your own.

- The thing about the bank account is this. EBay does not verify that the account is legitimate until they try to charge it. Therefore you can enter any bank account information and eBay will accept it. If you enter your previous bank account information, eBay will link your accounts together and will ban you. Just make sure to click the option to pay using your credit card on file, it's probably not a good idea to have eBay trying to take money out of other people's accounts if by chance you enter a real bank account number. I don't like to be shady but this is what eBay forces people to do.

- The max number of products I have found safe to upload per day is 100, with a max quantity of 3-5 each item. If you spam with thousands of auctions and 99 quantities that's a red flag and eBay will ban you.

- When adding a new email address to your Paypal account, you do not have to make it your primary email address. All you need to do is confirm it and you-re good to go.

- Do not link you Paypal account to your eBay account. Note from Johnny be Free, If you use your new eBay account with your old paypal account your fine (for now) unless you link the two together to use the Paypal shipping feature.

- One time payments are your best bet to pay your eBay balance. From your eBay seller Options/Tools, select to make a "One time payment". Enter your payment, select to pay, login to your Paypal account and pay. You won't be linked and your balance is paid.

- Never log into old suspended accounts after creating a new account.

- Do not try to cheat on your feedback. EBay has implemented a system which watches new eBay accounts (within 30 days) for this kind of activity. If the system finds you're buying and selling cheap auctions to gain feedback you'll be suspended for 'abusing eBay'. Don't do it!

- Listing Description and Titles. You'll want to change these around a little bit to make sure they-re not an exact copy of your previous auctions.

- Here are a couple websites that will describe what an IP address is and how they work. Wikipedia IP address; How stuff works.

If you're still reading this and you actually comprehended what I have written. You should have gained knowledge on how to set up a new eBay account after you have been suspended and how to keep it for the most part. I decided not sale this information but to give it away for free, but if you have found this guide helpful and would like to donate to inspire me to keep going, please do. :D You can find a 'Make Donation' link on my homepage. Aspkin's World

This forum has been setup specifically for eBay suspensions and discussions. By all means, if you have something of value to say, you know an answer to someone's question, or if you have a question your self, please do create an account and join the discussion. This forum is for you guys!

The lastest guide can be found here: eBay Stealth - Suspended eBay and Paypal Account Guide to read reviews of the guide go here:
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The complete step-by-step guide to get back to selling today!

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