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JackNoMore 02-25-2007 04:26 PM

Aspkin and Mods...do we need a blind forum?
I've noticed that you don't seem to have to register to view and search posts here. It occurred to me that could be dangerous for all of us. As much attention as this forum could generate, and as popular as it is becoming FAST, could we be tipping off ebay to tighten their security with our open and candid posts? We've already noticed new measures being taken. Whether these measures are caused by any moles scoping us or any other forums out is unknown, but do we want to take the chance without at least SOME protection? It's common knowledge that ebay employees check up on their own forums. It's not too much a stretch to see them check out other forums, especially those known to encourage outright breaking of the rules (however justified) in plain site on the internet. I know it's Aspkin's World and we're only playing in the sandbox he built, but I would like to bring it up as something to consider for the site. We all want this community and our sales to grow, and I would hate to see that growth stunted by someone coming in and eavesdropping just by performing a search and viewing the forums without creating an account. Hopefully, that will be enough protection for now. Blind forums are becoming more popular, and I think it would be a good move for us. What do you think? Are you set up for the option Aspkin?

jayt 02-25-2007 04:44 PM

It'll be great to have a blind forum. I believe it was the "how to get back on ebay" books floating on the web made ebay so tough to deal with originally.

We don't want to teach stupid ebay.

JackNoMore 02-25-2007 05:09 PM

I get what you're saying and agree for the most part, I was just thinking it might be good for an out of sight out of mind added layer of protection just in case. If the employees hear about the site and genuinely want to check it out, they might be more likely to register and post comments if they really care as opposed to some random bot making our lives a living hell, something I think in reality is far more likely to happen unfortunately.

aspkin 02-25-2007 06:25 PM

I hear you Jack. Either way I think if eBay wants to view the forums they'll find a way. If I lock the forums, that'll keep the pages from being indexed in the search engines, and then the forum will slowly die from lack of traffic.

We just have to be careful to protect our identity; For instance not showing our email addresses in our post or saying anything specific that can be tracked back to us. I think it's a good idea to keep the forums open and available to anyone. EBay may learn and adapt from our forums, but we're crafty people and where there is a will there is a way.

I could make a separate area that only registered users can see, but still all it takes is for eBay to register. Do you guys want that?

*rewrote this, I must have been very tired when I wrote the garbage I had up before.

jamesy 02-26-2007 04:10 AM

people just need to watch what info they post. I noticed a couple of newbies recently cut'n'pasting their suspension emails into the forum with their names and details. that's a no brainer if there are any lurkers.

maybe it would be an idea for you moderators to edit any potentially compromising postings as you see them?

aspkin 02-26-2007 01:22 PM

I have, and I'm sure other moderators have. The one post with a list of emails, I haven't touched, but it's a good idea that those email address disappear to protect the owner.

JackNoMore 02-27-2007 12:00 PM

It might be an idea to have a "members only" area where the real nitty gritty stuff can be discussed, similar to a "spoilers" group to keep those who don't want to know/don't need to know, out of the loop. This could be done by normal registration (which would encourage more members to go for it) or a pre-authorization/invite from admin based on the members participation in the group (might discourage having a lot of members, but would definately weed out the bad seeds). In this way, the members could be free to talk about things of a more sensitive or potentially threatening nature without much fear that ebay will catch wind and put pressure on the site or amend policies to further hurt us. It might also give a little more casual atmosphere to post in less anonymity if the situation calls for it to receive help. Mind you, I haven't thought this completely out, and it's definately a rough plan at this point, but it could be an option to build on.

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