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Old 07-13-2007
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Default Paypal Help and Tutorials

Well, Here I put together some of the things about paypal and what to do and not to do. Most have been talked about in the forums but it seems some still do not listen as the questions are still asked (which is ok I guess, but reading does the mind good... or is it milk does the body good...I guess if you read about milk you get a double good whammy..LoL). Any way, I seem to fading off in to my boredum so here it goes:

1) Do NOT link your paypal account with your ebay account.
2) Do NOT log into your ebay account and wanna check your "other" paypal account to see if you have funds or vice versa
3)Do NOT use paypal for printing labels or do NOT enter the tracking info until needed (explained below)

1) Add a cedit card
2) Add a bank account - Many can be found and done online
3) Get the EPU (Expanded Use Number) - This is their way of double verifying you.
4) Get your money out of there everyday - do not let it sit - move it.

What if's
Account gets limited - If your account gets limited and there are payments in there that you did not get out. Refund the buyer immediately and explain that you upgraded to a different account or that the payment should have gone to the business account. This way you have a chance of getting your money out.

Account gets limited and they are asking me for a utility bill - Simple solution
Abbyy Fine Reader Edit the utility bill with the information you want, you can use it for just about anything.
If they ask for SS information, well I have not come to a good solution yet.

DISCLAIMER: I have not had an account limited so I do not know all the things they might ask. I only know of some by what I have read. I have provided solutions to some that I think will work.

Shipping Info - Here is why I say do not use the paypal shiping option and/or do not add the shipping info until needed.
Paypal Shipping - When you use this option you are basically opening the gate and this also includes the shipping information (delivery confirmation) automatically with the transaction.

Here is why I say do not add the shipping information (delivery confirmation) -Lets say you ship the package and the buyer/paypal have the con #. The buyer emails you and says "Hey, Where is the package?" You run the D.C. and it shows delivered and send the buyer the info or tell them that it is delivered. Well, Guess what the buyer will open a claim with paypal saying "not as described" and try to get there refund that way. If you do not tell the D.C. to the buyer/paypal and the buyer says they did not get it, you can say that the package was mailed and that they should check the PO.
This way if they file with Paypal it will be with the "Not Delivered" claim. At this point is when you enter the D.C. Info as it will show as delivered and the claim is rejected.

Ok, I will be back later to add on to this. Later Folks
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Old 07-13-2007
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thank you .
i used shipping label once with my new account by paypal, 2 days later i withdraw the money from paypal ,it says the status completed.
no problem.
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Old 07-14-2007
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Great stuff FeeBay Balling! Keep up the good work.

I like you cat too.. nice touch with that wig.
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Old 08-03-2007
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Default Will they track my previous account

Hi, i live in the UK. ive had 2 ebay accounts previously banned 1 in my name and 1 in my brothers name both living at same address and phone number. i also had my paypal account banned which was in my name and details completely the whole 180 day thing...appealed no suprise.

im goint to open a new ebay account with dodgey details using the prepaid card and all that.

i also want to open a new paypal account but will i be able to get my brother to open a bank account, create a paypal account and use the same phone number i used on my banned paypal account? will they link his name and my address if i put it on the new paypal account or isit just me that is banned from using paypal at my address and phone number.

other question when i make the ebay account do i put a ⊗⊗⊗⊗ number because ive heard there doing the same verification thing but is this the same in the uk as well.

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